Jarlsburg dominates Late Models at Jefferson Speedway!
By Jeanne & Larry Starr

July 31, 1999; Jefferson, WI. Jim Jarlsberg of Cambridge, in his second night out this season, led the WMAD 35 lapper from flag to flag, notching the feature win.

The lead battle!  Jim Jarlsberg (#97), holding off Nick Wendt (#46) on his way to the checkered flag.  Jarlsberg claimed his first win of the year, in his second time out.  Wendt held onto second.

Starting from the outside of the front row, Jarlsberg charged to the early lead and never looked back, as he guided the field to the checkered flag. Rex Weston of Lake Mills dropped from the pole, to the 2nd spot at the start, running there until Nick Wendt of Watertown motored past, on the low side, on lap 24.

Defending track champion Andy Wendt of Watertown was close behind for third, on lap 25, but the pair were a half lap behind Jarlsberg at this point. Jarlsberg’s lead evaporated, on lap 27, when the only caution of the race came, for debris on the track. On the restart Jarlsberg battled Wendt for several laps, opening up a several car length advantage before the finish. At the stripe it was Jarlsberg on his way to Victory Lane. Rounding out the top five were Nick Wendt, Andy Wendt, Ron Bishofberger of Ft. Atkinson and Roger Behlke of Jefferson.

Dan Chesmore of Janesville set the fast qualifying mark, with a 14.871 second tour of the quarter mile. Bishofberger claimed the trophy, and money, in the WMAD Fast Dash. Claiming victories, in 10 lap heat races, were Duane Deppe of Waterloo, Randy Breunig of Columbus and Russ Goodwin of Beloit. Transferring to the feature, via the 20 lap Last Chance race, were Butch Mierendorf of Waterloo, Ken Piotrowski of Janesville, Goodwin and Jasper Gronert of Jefferson.

On to another victory! Brent Nottestad (#25) working the high line past Mike Cusick (#28), in the International feature.   Nottestad edged out Cusick at the line, for the win.

In International class action Brent Nottestad claimed top honors in the 20 lap feature. Starting from the inside of row 5 Nottestad started his drive to the front, as Scott Uttech of Beaver Dam moved to the early lead. Uttech opened up a healthy lead as Mike Bingham of Jefferson battled with Mike Cusick of Edgerton for the 2nd spot. Cusick claimed 2nd on lap 4, working to close the gap with Uttech. Uttech saw his lead disappear on lap 10, when a spin and a blown engine, in turn 4 brought out the only caution of the race.

On the restart Cusick went to work on Uttech claiming the lead by lap 12, with Nottestad close behind for second. Cusick held off Nottestad’s charge for 2 more laps before falling back to the second spot. As they flew past the checkered flag it was Nottestad for the win, followed by Cusick, Uttech, Mike Drays of Milton and Aaron Rude of Cambridge. J

ustin Nottestad of Cambridge set the fast qualifying pace, with a 15.962 second orbit of the quarter mile. Claiming victory, in 10 lap heat races, were Rick Neerland of Ft. Atkinson and Justin Nottestad of Cambridge.

There three wide out front!  Chad "Squirt" Stevens (#82) in the low groove, beside Dylan Schuyler (#33),  and Tony Koepke (#32) in the Sportsman Feature.  Dave Oswald (#31) is waiting in the Wings.  Oswald went on to win the race, with Stevens second.

In Sportsman Division action defending track champion, Dave Oswald of Cottage Grove won a, hard fought, victory in the 25 lap main event. Starting from the outside of row 6 Oswald and Chris Purdy of Milton tangled, bringing out the yellow flag on the start and sending both drivers to the rear for the complete restart. Kevin Thompson of Palmyra took the lead at the checkered flag, guiding the way for 5 laps before falling to the attack of Ron Schuyler of Dousman.

As Schuyler took the point Oswald was up to the 7th spot and fighting hard for every position he gained. By lap 14 Oswald was running in the front 4, several cars tangled, in the 4 way battled for the lead, with Oswald coming out on top, followed closely by Chad “Squirt” Stevens of Beloit. Oswald and Stevens battled all the way to the checkered, with Stevens making many attempts to pass, but never able to make it all the way past. At the strip it was Oswald for the win, followed by Stevens, Tony Koepke of Ft. Atkinson, Jeff Kohlhoff of Watertown and Schuyler.

Kyle Munro of Ft. Atkinson set the fast qualifying pace with a 15.854 second loop of the quarter mile. Claiming victory, in 10 lap heat races, were Shane Radtke of Rome, Bob Selsing of Ft. Atkinson and Purdy. Moving to the feature lineup, from the 15 lap Last Chance race, were Noel Ramge of Hellenville, Roger Stephenson of Cambridge, Chad Reimer of Oconomowoc and Rick Rothwell of Madison.

Fender to fender action! Ernie Witte (#02) deep to the inside of Jim Williams (J10), Tim Noble (#71) and Trent Erdman (#11), coming out of the 4th turn.  Witte is on his way to the first feature win of his racing career.

In Hobby Stock action Ernie Witte of Watertown notched his first career feature win, in the 20 lap main event. Starting from the inside of row 4 Witte started his drive to the checkered as Chris Matz of Sullivan claimed the early lead, only to be involved in a lap 1 spin. On the restart it was Lincoln Keeser of Milton at the point, with Witte back in the 7th spot. Witte was up to the 4th spot, on lap 9, when the 2nd and 3rd place cars tangled, on the front stretch, bringing out the final caution of the race.

On the restart Witte move to the inside of Keeser, battling side by side for 5 laps, before making the winning pass. At the checkered flag it was Witte for the win, followed by Ken Scott of Rio, Keeser, Chuck Egli of Waterloo and Trent Erdman of Ft. Atkinson.

Scott set the fast qualifying pace, with a 17.225 second loop of the quarter mile. Claiming Victory in 8 lap heat races were Jim Blucher of Madison and Tim Noble of Janesville. Moving to the feature lineup, from the 8 lap Last Chance race were Gerald Chapman of Juneau, Chris Matz of Watertown, Blucher and Scott Bush of Ft. Atkinson.

During Intermission WMAD Disk Jockeys Zak Rogers and Wendy Allen competed, in a 5 lap “Grudge Match”. Rogers was awarded the checkered flag, after Allen brought out the red flag following a close encounter, of the worst kind, with the front stretch wall.

Hey Terry!  How about picking up a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread on the way back. The starting lineup of Bubble Gauntlet II, is ready to get underway, on the soap suds coated racing surface.   Terry Tucker, in the station wagon, managed 7.25 of the 8 lap event before the fleet of small cars stopped him!

Ending the night's entertainment was “Bubble Gauntlet II," an event where Track Promoter, Terry Tucker, attempts to complete 8 laps in a full size hunk of “Detroit Iron” (78 Chevy Wagon), while a herd of 4 cylinder cars tries to stop him. Tucker failed to complete the 8 laps, for the second time this year, coming to a stop, in turn 1, after completing 7 laps. He vows to reclaim his title and the next running of the Gauntlet.

Next week Jefferson Speedway presents the Denny’s Den 50 lap Late Model feature, along with the Great Trailer Race, and the Great American Bartenders race. Gates open at 3:30, qualifying at 5:30 and racing at 7:30 sharp.  Jefferson Speedway is located on Highway 18 halfway between Cambridge and Jefferson.

Late Model Division
"WMAD 35" - 35 Lap Feature Event
1. #97 Jim Jarlesburg Cambridge 11. #41 Matk Taylor       Stoughton
2. #46 Nick Wendt Watertown 12. #98 Scott Bleeker Jefferson
3. #18 Andy Wendt Watertown 13. #11 Russ Goodwin Beloit
4. #76 Ron Bishofburger Fort Atkinson 14. #12 Butch Mierendorf Waterloo
5. #44 Roger Behlke Jefferson 15. #43 Denny Stair Sullivan
6. # 7 Bill Leindecker Janesville 16. #22 Jasper Gronert Jefferson
7. #62 Scott Null Lake Mills 17. # 6 Ken Piotrowski Milton
8. #27 Dan Chesmore Janesville 18. #96 Jason Erickson Cambridge 
9. #35 Rex Weston Lake Mills
10. #16 Luke Westenberg  Palmyra

20 Lap Last Chance: 1.) Butch Mierendorf; 2.) Ken Piotrowski; 3.) Russ Goodwin; 4.) Jasper Gronert
First 10 Lap Heat: 1.) Duane Deppe
Second 10 Lap Heat: 1.) Randy Breunig
Third 10 Lap Heat
1.) Russ Goodwin
Dash: 1.) Ron Bishofberger
Fast Qualifier:  #27 Dan Chesmore, Janesville,........14.871 Seconds

20 Lap  Feature Event
1. #25 Brent Nottestad  Cambridge
2. #28 Mike Cusick Edgerton
3. #74 Scott Uttech Beaver Dam
4. #48 Mike Drays Milton
5. # 9 Aaron Rude Cambridge
6. # 7 Matt Nickel Madison

First 10 Lap Heat:  1.) Rick Neerland
Second 10 Lap Heat:  1.) Justin Nottestad
Fast Qualifier:
#15 Justin Nottestad, Cambridge,.........15.962 Seconds

25 Lap Feature Event
1. #31 Dave Ostwald   Cottage Grove
2. #82 Chad Stevens Beloit
3. #32 Tony Koepke Fort Atkinson
4. #98 Jeff Kohloff Watertown
5. #33 Ron Schuyler  Dousman
6. #28 Mark Deporter Fort Atkinson

15 Lap Last Chance: 1.) Noel Ramge; 2.) Roger Stephenson; 3.) Chad Reimer; 4.) Rick Rothwell
First 10 Lap Heat: 1.) Shane Radtke
Second 10 Lap Heat:  1.) Bob Selsing
Third 10 Lap Heat:  1.) Chris Purdy
Fast Qualifier:
#30 Kyle Munro, Watertown,.......15.854 Seconds

Hobby Stocks
20 Lap Feature Event
1. #02 Ernie Witte Watertown
2. #39 Ken Scott Rio
3. #99 Lincoln Keeser   Jefferson
4. #22 Chuck Egli Waterloo
5. #11 Trent Erdman Fort Atkinson
6. #57 Jason Ayers Stoughton

8 Lap Last Change1.) Gerald Chapman; 2.) Chris Matz; 3.) Jim Blucher; 4.) Scott Bush
First 8 Lap Heat: 
1.) Jim Blucher
Second 8 Lap Heat:  1.) Tim Nobel
Fast Qualifier:
#39 Ken Scott, Rio,...........17.225 Seconds

WMAD - D.J. Grudge Race: Zak Rogers was awarded the checkered flag after Wendy Allen brought out tht ered flag followin a close encounter, of the worst kind, with the front stretch wall.

Gantlet: Terry Tucker fell to the 4 cylinders for the second event in a row.