Stair claims first of year,
Nottestad claims first career at Jefferson!

By Jeanne & Larry Starr

May 22, 1999; Jefferson, WI. - A capacity crowd was on hand at Jefferson Speedway. Many, past and present members of the Armed Forces were admitted for half price in the Speedway’s “Armed Forces Day Salute."  For the price of regular admission, fans were treated to an action packed night of racing that kept them on the edge of their seats.

Denny Stair (#43) is all smiles after winning the Late Model feature event on "Armed Forces Day" at Jefferson Speedway.   Stair held off a last lap challenge by defending track champion Andy Wendt to earn his first feature win of the young 1999 season!

Sullivan’s Denny Stair came from a 4th place start to claim his first main event of 1999, in the 35 lap Late Model main event.  Russ Goodwin of Beloit pulled out to the early lead, as Stair moved into the second spot and Charlie Mierendorf of Lake Mills moved up to make his bid for the lead.  This three way battle for the lead lasted through 2 caution periods, on laps 16 and 28, as former track champion Andy Wendt followed Dan Chesmore of Janesville through the field toward the front. 

Denny Stair (#43), battling Russ Goodwin (#11) for the lead in the Late Model Feature. Stair would earn the victory while Goodwin would finish a solid fourth.

On the restart, on lap 28, Stair moved to the inside, pulling alongside Goodwin in his bid for the lead.  Goodwin and Stair raced side by side for 3 laps, with Goodwin holding the advantage.  On lap 31, Stair found the momentum needed to power his way to the point, with Wendt and Chesmore  close behind.   As they cleared Goodwin, Wendt launched his bid for the lead, running hard and fast to the inside.  Stair held on as they streaked to the checkered flag, where Stair claimed victory by a half car advantage over Wendt, followed by Chesmore, Goodwin and Mierendorf.

Ron Bishofberger of Ft. Atkinson set the fast qualifying pace with a 14.876 second tour of the quarter mile speed plant.

Roger Behlke (#44), poses with Custom Products Corporation of Oconomowoc representative following his fast dash victory.

Roger Behlke of Jefferson took the honors in the 8 lap fast dash.

Rookie Driver Brian Schneidewent of Palmyra claimed victory in one, of 4, 10 lap heat races.   Other victories went to Bart Reinen of Jefferson, Randy Breunig of Columbus and Wendt.

Luke Westenberg (#16) has his night cut short in the Late Model Last Chance race. Just a couple weeks ago Westenberg earned best appearing car honors for his car.

Transferring to the Last Chance race, via the 12 lap Consolation race were Curt Thompson of Ft. Atkinson and Ken Piotrowski of Milton.

Moving to the feature lineup, from the 20 lap Last Chance race were Reinen, John Ovadal of Johnson Creek, J. C. Stanelle of Milton and Mike Taylor of Stoughton.

Brent Nottestad (#25) scored his first career International Class feature win this evening after charging to the front from his 11th place starting spot.

In International division action Brent Nottestad of Cambridge turned and 11th place start into his first career feature win, in the 20 lap main event.  At the green flag, Charles Dixon of Waukesha grabbed the early lead, as Nottestad powered his way from the rear of the field.  Nottestad motored under D. R. Moore of Madison for the second spot on lap 4, closing with Dixon.  Dixon held off Nottestad for 2 more laps, before surrendering the lead on lap 6. 

From there it was Nottestad, all the way to the checkered flag, undeterred by the caution on lap 13, when two cars collided coming out of the second turn.  On the restart it was Nottestad at the point, followed by Aaron Rude of Cambridge.  Nottestad guided the field over the remaining laps, opening up a healthy lead on his way to the checkered flag.  At the stripe it was Nottestad for the win, followed  by Rude, Dixon, Tory Adams of Madison and Matt Frey of Cambridge.

Defending track champion, Justin Nottestad of Cambridge set the fast qualifying pace with a 15.953 second circuit of the quarter mile.

Ten lap heat race victories were claimed by Mark Balis of Edgerton and Mike Drays of Milton.

Transferring to the feature lineup, via the 10 lap Last Chance race were Bill Carroll of Edgerton, Mike Bingham of Jefferson, Ken Edmundson of Whitewater and Mike Dietzen of Milwaukee.

In Sportsman action defending track champion Dave Oswald of Cottage Grove claimed top honors in the 25 lap main event.  Starting from the inside of row 7, Oswald began his drive to the front as Ryan Ley of Sullivan took the early lead.  Following Oswald through the field was Chad “Squirt” Stevens of Beloit, battling for position all the way from the back to the font.  Caution came on lap 11, as a pair of cars tangled in turn 2. 

Dave Oswald (#31) passing Jeff Kohlhoff, on his way to the front of the Sportsman Feature. Oswald is the defending champion for the division and is looking to repeat again this season.

On the restart it was Ley at the point with Oswald up to 4th and Stevens in 6th.  At the green flag, Oswald moved under Chris Ehrhart of Deerfield, into the 3rd spot, with Stevens moving under Jeff Kohlhoff of Watertown for 5th.   Oswald moved under Ley for the lead, on lap 18, with Stevens battling his way from third.  Ley held onto second for another lap, as Oswald stretched out his lead.

Caution, on lap 23 closed the field for a 3 lap shoot-out.  On the restart, Stevens moved to the inside, making his bid for the lead.  It was a hard battle, with Oswald holding on for the win, with Stevens coming within a half car length at the finish. Rounding out the top five were Ley, Randy Padfield of Stoughton and Tony Koepke of Ft. Atkinson.

Oswald set the fast qualifying pace, breaking his own track record for the 3rd straight night, with a 15.608 second orbit of the quarter mile.

Claiming victory in 10 lap heat races were Ron Shilts of Janesville, Tom Collins of Lake Mills and Chris Purdy of Milton.

Transferring to the feature, via the 15 lap Last Chance race were Dylan Schuyler of Dousman, Brett Carson of Ft. Atkinson, Alan McBride of Janesville and Noel Ramge of Hellenville.

In Hobby Stock action, Jim Pfeifer of Ft. Atkinson notched the win, in the 20 lap main event.   Starting from the outside of row 5, Pfeifer wasted no time moving to the front, as Billy Gay of Janesville claimed the early lead.   Pfeifer powered under Lincoln Keeser of Johnson Creek for the second spot on lap 4 and claimed the lead on lap 5. 

Undaunted by the only caution of the race, on lap 11, Pfeifer guided the field to the checkered flag, as Pete Elgas of Janesville came up to make a bid for the top spot.  The two raced side by side over the final laps, with Elgas showing the lead on lap 18.  Pfeifer powered ahead at the finish, followed by Elgas, former track champion Dennis Gaserude of Oregon, Trent Erdman of Ft. Atkinson, Keeser and Gay.

Pete Elgas (#52) comes up inches short at the checkered flag, Jim Pfeifer (#58) is on the outside.  While Pfiefer took the win, the efforts of Elgas were for naught, as he failed a post race inspection of his car.

Elgas subsequently failed the post race technical inspection moving the apparent 3rd place finisher up to 2nd.

The fast qualifying pace was set by Pfeifer, with a 17.358 second loop of the quarter mile.

Claiming victory, in 8 lap heat races were Jason Ayers of Stoughton and Erdman.

Rounding out the nights racing action were the One-on-One Street drags here Rob Tweed of Madison claimed victory in the 4 cyl. division.  John Hoff of Watertown won the 6 cyl. trucks while Wayne Ninnemann of Ft. Atkinson claimed the 6 cyl. cars.  The 8 cyl. Truck victory went to Bobby Radke of Lake Mills and the 8 cyl. cars went to Chris Rowley of Cottage Grove.

Spectators get their chance to race at Jefferson!

Bobby Radke (Lake Mills) poses following his victory in the 8 cyl. truck division of the One-on-One Street drags. Chris Rowley (Cottage Grove) following is victory in the 8 cyl. cars division for the One-on-One Street Drags.

Next week Jefferson Speedway presents the Kearns Motor Cars 50 lap Late Model feature, along with the first “Bubble Gauntlet” race of the season, in the Veterans Day special.

Gates open at 3:30, qualifying at 5:30 and racing at 7:30 sharp!  Jefferson Speedway is located half way between Jefferson and Cambridge, on highway 18.

Bill Leindecker (#7) and crew entertaining their young fans during the on-track autograph and picture session.


Late Model Division
"Armed Forces Day Salute" - 35 Lap Feature
1. #43 Denny Stair Sullivan 11. #41 Mike Taylor Stoughton
2. #18 Andy Wendt Watertown 12. # 6 Bart Reinen Jefferson
3. #27 Dan Chesmore Janesville 13. #46 Nick Wendt Watertown
4. #11 Russ Goodwin Beloit 14. #93 Jon Hornby Sun Prairie
5. # 1 Charlie Mierendorf Lake Mills 15. #27 J.C. Stanelle Milton
6. # 7 Bill Leindecker Janesville 16. #76 Randy Breunig Columbus
7. #76 Ron Bishofberger Fort Atkinson 17. #71 John Ovadal Johnson Creek
8. #55 Eric Gerlach Palmyra 18. #25 Randy Cusick Fort Atkinson
9. #62 Scott Null Lake Mills
10. #44 Roger Behlke Jefferson

12 Lap Consolation: 1.) Curt Thompson; 2.) Ken Piotrowski
20 Lap Last Chance: 
1.) Reinen; 2.) Ovadal; 3.) Stanelle; 4.) Taylor
First 10 Lap Heat: 1.) Brian Schneidewent
Second 10 Lap Heat: 1.) Bart Reinen
Third 10 Lap Heat
1.) Randy Breunig
Fourth 10 Lap Heat1.) Andy Wendt
Dash: 1.) Roger Behlke
Fast Qualifier:  #76 Ron Bishofberger, Fort Atkinson,..........14.876 Seconds

20 Lap  Feature Event
1. #25 Brent Nottestad Cambridge
2. # 9 Aaron Rude Cambridge
3. #71 Charles Dixon Waukesha
4. #128 Tory Adams Madison
5. # 2 Matt Frey Cambridge
6. #15 Justin Nottestad Cambridge

10 Lap Last Chance: 1.) Bill Carroll; 2.) Mike Bingham; 3.) Ken Edmundson; 4.) Mike Dietzen
First 10 Lap Heat: 
1.) Mark Balis
Second 10 Lap Heat:  1.) Mike Drays
Fast Qualifier:
#15 Justin Nottestad, Cambridge,........15.953 Seconds

25 Lap Feature Event
1. #31 Dave Oswald Cottage Grove
2. #82 Chad Stevens Beloit
3. #77 Ryan Ley Sullivan
4. #27 Randy Padfield Stoughton
5. #32 Tony Koepke Fort Atkinson
6. #36 Rick Coppernoll Madison

15 Lap Last Chance:  1.) Dylan Schuyler; 2.) Brett Carson; 3.) Alan McBride; 4.) Noel Ramge
First 10 Lap Heat:  1.) Ron Shilts
Second 10 Lap Heat:  1.) Tom Collins
Third 10 Lap Heat:  1.) Chris Purdy
Fast Qualifier:
#31 Dave Oswald, Cottage Grove,.........15.608 Seconds (new track record)

Hobby Stocks
20 Lap Feature Event
1. #58 Jim Pfeifer Fort Atkinson
2. #52 Pete Elgas Janesville
3. #18 Dennis Gaserude Oregon
4. #11 Trent Erdman Fort Atkinson
5. #99 Lincoln Keeser Johnson Creek
6. #90 Billy Gay Janesville

First 8 Lap Heat:  1.) Jason Ayers
Second 10 Lap Heat:  1.) Trent Erdman
Fast Qualifier:
#58 Jim Pfiefer, Fort Atkinson,.......17.358 Seconds

One on One Street Drags:
4 Cylinder: 
Rob Tweed, Madison
6 Cylinder-Car:  Wayne Ninnemann, Fort Atkinson
4 Cylinder-Truck:  John Hoff, Watertown
8 Cylinder-Car:  Chris Rowley, Cottage Grove
8 Cylinder-Truck:  Bobby Radke, Lake Mills