Jarlsberg claims Miller Lite 50 at Jefferson Speedway!
By Jeanne & Larry Starr
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Jim Jarlsberg (#97) takes a turn through victory lane following the Miller Lite 50.

June 3, 2000; Jefferson, WI. Jim Jarlsberg of Cambridge claimed top honors in the Miller Lite 50 on Wisconsin’s Action Track. Starting from the outside of row 6 Jarlsberg started his drive to the front as Jerry Parker of Palmyra pulled out to the early lead. Parker led the way for 14 laps, before being overtaken by Ken Olson of Ft. Atkinson. Pulling to the front, on lap 15 Olson distanced the field, leaving the battle for 2nd in the distance.   Bill Leindecker of Janesville motored past Duane Deppe of Waterloo, for the 2nd spot, on lap 26, with Jarlsberg close behind for 3rd. Leindecker closed the gap with Olson by lap 30, moving to the inside to challenge for the top spot. Leindecker ran side-by-side with Olson for 5 laps before slipping in the 2nd turn, and dropping back to 3rd. Moving up to 2nd Jarlsberg worked to close with Olson, only to find former track champion Ron Bishofberger of Ft. Atkinson closing to battle for 2nd.

Biding his time. Jim Jarlsberg (#97) followed Ken Olson (#68) who holding off Ron Bishofberger (#76) in the Late Model feature.  This battle ended when Olson and Bishofberger tangled in turn one giving the lead to Jarlsberg 6300d.jpg (11277 bytes)

Bishofberger claimed 2nd on lap 38 moving up to challenge Olson. Going into turn 1, on lap 40, Bishofberger and Olson tangled, with Olson spinning to bring out the only caution of the race. On the restart it was Jarlsberg at the point, with Olson and Bishofberger starting from the rear with 10 laps to go.

6300b.jpg (10355 bytes) Jim Jarlsberg (#97) enjoyed a healthy lead for some time, before Leindecker (#7) closed the gap.  Here Leindecker is closing in.

As Jarlsberg guided the way to the checkered flag, Leindecker moved up to make another bid for the top spot. Leindecker was able to pull along side several times, but could not find the opening he needed. As they flew past the checkered flag it was Jarlsberg for the win, followed by Leindecker, Mike Taylor of Stoughton, Roger Behlke of Jefferson and Chris Purdy of Milton.

Bishofberger set the fast qualifying pace with a 14.672 second tour of the quarter mile speed plant.

Scott Null of Lake Mills claimed top honors in the 8 lap "Custom Finishes of Sullivan" Dash for Cash.

Claiming victory in 10 lap heat races were Denny Stair of Sullivan, Dan Chesmore of Janesville and Russ Goodwin of Beloit.

Moving to the feature lineup from the 20 lap Last Chance race were Chesmore, Butch Mierendorf of Waterloo, Russ Goodwin of Beloit and Stair.

Brent Nottestad (#25) poses in victory lane.  Is he smiling because of the feature win, or thinking of his new bride?  Notestad was just married last Saturday. May 27. 6300f.jpg (13215 bytes)

In International division action Brent Nottestad of Cambridge claimed the win, in the 20 lap feature. Starting from the inside of the last row, Nottestad started his drive to the front as Mike Bingham of Jefferson pulled out tot he early lead. Bingham guided the way for 18 laps as Nottestad moved through the field.

By the midpoint of the race Nottestad had moved to the 3rd spot, joining the battle for the lead with Bingham and Chris Quam of Stoughton. Nottestad motored under Quam, on lap 17, closing with Bingham. Moving under Bingham on lap 18, Nottestad pulled ahead as he guided the way to the checkered. At the stripe it was Nottestad for the win, followed by Quam, Bingham, Pete Weston of Ft. Atkinson and Mike Drays of Milton.

Nottestad set the high mark in qualifying with a 16.030 second circuit of the quarter mile.

Claiming victories, in 8 lap heat races, were Mark English of Edgerton, Tim Woollen of Madison, and Drays.

Moving to the feature lineup, via the 12 lap Last Chance race were Derrick Bettenhausen, Tory Adams of Madison, English and Woollen.

6300c.jpg (13428 bytes) That's Racing! Tony Koepke (#32) tries to hold off Curt Thompson (#6).  Josh Weir (#52), and Rich Titus (#21) are closing in fast, during Sportsman action this evening.

In Sportsman Division action Dave Oswald of Cottage Grove put another mark in the win column, with his victory in the 25 lap main event. Starting from the inside of the back row Oswald started his drive to the front as Shane Radtke of Hellenville pulled out to the early lead. Radtke opened up a sizable lead as Oswald fought his way through traffic toward the front. Claiming 5th from Tony Koepke of Ft. Atkinson, on lap 12, Oswald patiently worked his way toward Radtke.

Defending division champion Dave Oswald (#31) has become a familiar face, in victory lane.  Oswald continues his domination of the Sportsman division with another feature win. 6300g.jpg (12870 bytes)

Passing a car per lap, Oswald claimed 2nd from Rick Rothwell of Madison on lap 15, looking ahead to Radtke. Oswald closed the gap by lap 18, looking to the inside of Radtke. Motoring under Radtke on lap 19 Oswald pulled ahead, leading the way to the checkered flag. At the stripe it was Oswald followed by Radtke, Rothwell, Jeff Kohlhoff of Watertown and Trent Erdman of Ft. Atkinson.

Oswald set the fast pace in qualifying with a 15.860 second orbit of the quarter mile.

Claiming victories in 10 lap heat races were Joe Wendorf of Jefferson, Dale Padfield of Jefferson and Noel Ramge of Hellenville.

Moving to the feature lineup from the 15 lap Last Chance race were Padfield, Chris Ehrhart of Deerfield, Chuck Egli of Waterloo and Josh Courtney of Janesville.

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Tim Noble (#71) takes his bows, following his Hobby Stock feature victory.

In Hobby Stock Action, Tim Noble of Janesville claimed the honors, in the 20 lap main event. Starting from the outside of row 4, Noble started his drive to the front as Bill Bush of Jefferson grabbed the early lead. Caution came, for debris on the track, on lap 5, with Bush still at the point and Noble up to the 7th spot. Laps 7 and 9 saw cautions, for collisions and spinning cars, moving Noble up to the 4th spot for the final restart, behind Jason Ayers of Stoughton.

Ayers was a bit over anxious on the restart, claiming 2nd from Milton’s Jim Williams before the green flag. For this infraction Ayers was penalized one position, by race officials. As they charged toward the checkered flag, it was Ayers leading the way past Bush, on lap 12, with Noble close behind. At the stripe it was Ayers leading the way followed by Noble, former track champions Jim Pfeifer of Ft. Atkinson and Dennis Gaserude of Oregon, and Bush. Assessment of the one position penalty sent Noble to the winner's circle.

Over Easy? The rollover contest capped the nights entertainment.  One of the competitors takes his turn at the ramp.  Roy Pfeifer Jr. claimed top honors in the event. 6300h.jpg (13429 bytes)

Next Week Jefferson Speedway hosts Taco Johns/WJJO Night at the races, with a full racing program in all divisions plus round one of the Bubble Gauntlet. Gates open at 4:00, Qualifying at 5:30 and racing at 7:30 sharp.

Jefferson Speedway is on highway 18 between Cambridge and Jefferson Wisconsin.

Results - Miller Lite 50 Night

Late Model Feature Finish: Laps: 50
1. 97 - Jim Jarlsberg (Cambridge) 10. 62 - Scott Null (Lake Mills)
2. 7 - Bill Leindecker (Janesville) 11. 11 - Russ Goodwin (Beloit)
3. 41 - Mike Taylor (Stoughton) 12. 2 - Jerry Parker (Palmyra)
4. 44 - Roger Behlke (Jefferson) 13. 76 - Ron Bishofberger (Ft. Atkinson)
5. 106 - Chris Purdy (Milton) 14. 27 - Dan Chesmore (Janesville)
6. 16 - Luke Westenberg (Palmyra) 15. 68 - Kenny Olson (Ft. Atkinson)
7. 52 - Duane Deppe (Waterloo) 16. 12 - Butch Mierendorf (Waterloo)
8. 4 - Denny Stair (Sullivan) 17. 82 - Chad "Squirt" Stevens (Beloit)
9. 25 - Randy Cusick (Ft. Atkinson) 18. 7 - Bruce Clark (Watertown)

FAST QUALIFIER - 76 - Ron Bishofberger (Ft. Atkinson): 14.672 seconds
FAST DASH: 8 Lap - 62 - Scott Null (Lake Mills)
LAST CHANCE: Lap - 27 - Dan Chesmore (Janesville), 12 - Butch Mierendorf (Waterloo),11 - Russ Goodwin (Beloit), 4 - Denny Stair (Sullivan)

Heats: 10 lap: (Winner's Only)   1) 4 - Denny Stair (Sullivan) 2) 27 - Dan Chesmore (Janesville)
3) 11 - Russ Goodwin (Beloit)

International Feature: Laps:
1. 25 - Brent Nottestad (Cambridge) 4. 53 - Pete Weston (Ft. Atkinson)
2. 4 - Chris Quam (Stoughton) 5. 48 - Mike Drays (Milton)
3. 17 - Mike Bingham (Jefferson) 6. 9 - Aaron Rude (Cambridge)

FAST QUALIFIER - 25 - Brent Nottestad (Cambridge): 16.030 seconds.
LAST CHANCE: 12 lap - 10 Derrick Bettenhausen, 128 - Tory Adams (Madison), 57 - Mark English (Edgerton), 39 - Tim Woollen (Madison)
Heats: 8 lap: (Winner's Only) 1) 57 - Mark English (Edgerton) 2) 39 - Tim Woollen (Madison)
                     3) 48 - Mike Drays (Milton)

Sportsman Feature: Laps:
1. 31 - Dave Oswald (Cottage Grove) 4. 98 - Jeff Kohlhoff (Watertown)
2. 18 - Shane Radtke (Hellenville) 5. 11 - Trent Erdman (Ft. Atkinson)
3. 53 - Rick Rothwell (Madison) 6. 17 - Noel Ramge (Hellenville)

FAST QUALIFIER - 31 - Dave Oswald (Cottage Grove): 15.860 Seconds.
LAST CHANCE: 15 lap - 27 - Dale Padfield (Jefferson), 6 - Chris Ehrhart (Deerfield) 22 - Chuck Egli (Waterloo), 21 - Josh Courtney (Janesville)
Heats: lap: (Winner's Only) 1) 3 - Joe Wendorf (Jefferson) 2) 4 - Dale Padfield (Jefferson)
3) 17 - Noel Ramge (Hellenville)

Hobby Stock Feature: Laps:
1. 71 - Tim Noble (Janesville) 4. 18 - Dennis Gaserude (Oregon)
2. 57 - Jason Ayers (Stoughton) 5. 17 - Bill Bush (Jefferson)
3. 11 - Jim Pfeifer (Ft. Atkinson) 6. J10 - Jim Williams (Milton)

FAST QUALIFIER - 18 - Dennis Gaserude (Oregon): 17.205 Seconds.
LAST CHANCE: 12 lap - 88 - Roger Stephenson (Cambridge), 83 -John Remsik (Sun Prairie),
55 - Terry Wangsness (Whitewater), 93 - Jim Blucher (Madison)

Heats: 8 lap: (Winner's Only) 1) 70 - Dale Stevenson (Beloit) 2) 72 - Chris Matz (Watertown)
                                              3) 17 - Bill Bush (Jefferson)

Rollover Contenst: Roy Pfeifer Jr. (Ft. Atkinson)