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2002 Champions Crowned at Jefferson Speedway!

By Larry & Jeanne Starr

September 7, 2002; Jefferson, Wis. — Track Champions were crowned, in all 5 racing divisions, during Havill-Spoerl Season Championships, at Jefferson Speedway.

Ron Bishofberger of Fort Atkinson locked up the Late Model Championship. Aaron Rude of Cambridge earned the International Championship crown. Jay Kalbus of Oconomowoc is the Sportsman division champion. Roger Stephenson of Cambridge held on to the Hobby Stock Championship and Tim Seitz of Edgerton won the Championship in the Bandit division.

In Late Model action Nick Wendt of Jefferson claimed top honors in the “Havill-Spoerl Automotive Family” 75 lap feature. Starting from the outside of row 5, Wendt headed toward the front, as Tom Dorn claimed the early lead. Dorn led the field for 7 laps, before surrendering the top spot to Beau Sanden. As Sanden claimed the point Wendt made his way to the 6th spot, moving steadily forward.

Wendt closed with Dorn on lap 17, claiming 2nd on lap 20, looking far ahead to Sanden. Caution came on lap 28 when 2 cars collided on the front straight closing the field for the restart. Sanden held off Wendt until lap 38, when Wendt saw the opening he needed, powering to the point. As Wendt claimed the point, Roger Behlke powered through the field grabbing the 2nd spot by lap 49. Behlke closed with Wendt, exhausting his bag of tricks, in his bid for the top spot. Wendt was up to the challenge, holding off the veteran all the way to the checkers. At the strip it was Wendt for the win followed by Behlke, Scott Nottestad, Sanden and Ron Bishofberger.

In International action Brent Nottestad of Cambridge notched another victory, in the 30 lap main event. Starting 10th Nottestad raced to the front as Scott Uttech of Watertown jumped to the early lead. Nottestad made his way to 2nd before the first caution, on lap 8, for a blown engine. On the restart Nottestad powered to the front, and never looked back, guiding the field to the finish. At the finish it was Nottestad, by nearly a half lap over Aaron Rude, Dennis Clapp, Chris Quam and Scott Dolphin.

In Sportsman division action Scott “Chico” Riedner notched his first feature of the 2002 season, in the 40 lap, season championship, main event. Starting from the inside of the last row, Riedner started his long drive to the front, as Kyle Jarlsberg drove to the early lead.

Jarlsberg led the way for 36 laps, before losing the handle, on the back stretch, bringing out the 2nd caution of the race, and moving Bobby Stough to the point, with Riedner running 2nd. On the restart Riedner headed low, as Stough slid high in turn 1, powering out of 2 Riedner claimed the point with 4 to go. At the stripe it was Riedner for the win, followed by Stough, Jay Kalbus, Bret Schmidt and Chad Reimer.

In Hobby Stock action Terry Wangsness of Delavan claimed his first feature win, of the 2002 season, in the final point race of the year. Starting from the last, Wangsness started his trek to the front, as Jesse Ayers claimed the early lead. Ayers surrendered the point to Chris Schoonover on lap 6. Schoonover led the way until lap 18, when Lincoln Keeser motored to the point.

As Keeser took the lead, Wangsness was moving up from the 4th spot. Wangsness claimed 2nd on lap 21 closing with Keeser to launch his bid for the lead. Moving to the bottom Wangsness kept the pressure on, finally claiming the top spot on lap 26. As they streaked past the finish it was Wangsness for the win, followed by Keeser, Schoonover, Eaan Carson and Dennis Schmidt.

In Bandit action, Bill Reynolds of Watertown claimed top honors in the 25 lap main event. Starting inside the last row, Reynolds headed to the front as Tim Petrie claimed the early lead. Troy Olson drove past Petrie, on lap 6, claiming the point, as Reynolds battled ahead from 4th.

Reynolds raced past Bill Sweeney, for 2nd, on lap 10, closing with Olson. The battle lasted 3 laps, before Reynolds claimed the top spot, on lap 13. Guiding the way to the finish, it was Reynolds for the win, followed by Sweeney, Olson, Tim Seitz and Peter Shelley.

This brings to a close the 2002 point’s race at Wisconsin’s Action Tack. The season will end next week with the 22nd Annual Pepsi Wisconsin State Championships. This 2 day racing extravaganza will bring in top drivers from all around to vie for their piece of the $32,000 purse.

Friday night, Sept. 13, gates open at 2:00pm, qualifying at 5:00pm and racing at 8:00pm.

Saturday night, Sept. 14, gates open at 3:00pm with racing at 7:00pm. Jefferson Speedway is half way between Cambridge and Jefferson Wisconsin, on highway 18.

Jefferson Speedway – Date: September 7, 2002 – Event: Havill-Spoerl Season Championships

Late Model Feature Finish:

1. 94 Nick Wendt (Jefferson)
2. 44 Roger Behlke (Jefferson)
3. 14 Scott Nottestad (Stoughton)
4. 11 Beau Sanden (Janesville)
5. 76 Ron Bishofberger (Ft. Atkinson) (2002 Chmp.)
6. 37 Gene Olson Jr. (Jefferson)
7. 75 Mike Beyer (Machesney Park IL)
8. 41 Mike Taylor (Stoughton)
9. 18 Andy Wendt (Watertown)
10. 2 Tom Dorn (Ft. Atkinson)
11. 99 Doug Hahn (Whitewater)
12. 22 Jasper Gronert (Jefferson)
13. 3 Joe Wendorf (Jefferson)
14. 66 Curt Thompson (Ft. Atkinson)
15. 27 Dan Chesmore (Janesville)
16. 52 Steve Dobbratz (Rio)
17. 68 Ken Olson (Ft. Atkinson)
18. 12 Greg Bowers (Waterloo)
19. 55 Eric Gerlach (Palmyra)
20. 8 Jesse Saunders (New Glarus)

27 Dan Chesmore (Janesville): 14.917 Seconds

75 Mike Beyer (Machesney Park IL)

22 Jasper Gronert (Jefferson)
99 Doug Hahn (Whitewater)
3 Joe Wendorf (Jefferson)
12 Greg Bowers (Waterloo)

Heats: 10 lap
1) 41 Mike Taylor (Stoughton)
2) 66 Curt Thompson (Ft. Atkinson)
3) 8 Jesse Saunders (New Glarus)

International Feature:

1. 25 Brent Nottestad (Cambridge)
2. 9 Aaron Rude (Cambridge) (2002 Champion)
3. 16 Dennis Clapp (Madison)
4. 4 Chris Quam (Stoughton)
5. 0 Scott Dolphin (Marshall)
6. 71 Charles Dixon (Waukesha)

25 Brent Nottestad (Cambridge): 15.913 seconds

Heats: 10 lap
1) 17 Mike Bingham (Jefferson)
2) 9 Aaron Rude (Cambridge)

Sportsman Feature:

1. 26 Scott “Chico” Riedner (Waunakee)
2. 27 Bobby Stough Jr. (Waunakee)
3. 27 Jay Kalbus (Oconomowoc) (2002 Champion)
4. 20 Bret Schmidt (Watertown)
5. 19 Chad Reimer (Oconomowoc)
6. 32 Tony Koepke (Ft. Atkinson)

27 Bobby Stough Jr. (Waunakee): 15.888 seconds

CONSI: 10 Lap
17 Noel Ramge (Hellenville)
23 Chris Koepke (Ft. Atkinson)

32 Tony Koepke (Ft. Atkinson)
37 Nick Berge (Janesville
42 Tom Reents (Janesville)
14 Kyle Taylor (Stoughton)

Heats: 10 lap
1) 17 Noel Ramge (Hellenville)
2) 2 Randy Padfield (Stoughton)
3) 106 Jody Purdy (Milton)
4) 42 Tom Reents (Janesville)

Hobby Stock Feature:

1. 55 Terry Wangsness (Delavan)
2. 99 Lincoln Keeser (Milton)
3. 8 Rick Schoonover (Janesville)
4. 2 Eaan Carson (Whitewater)
5. 19 Dennis Schmidt (Johnson Creek)
6. 6 Jeremy Hartwig (Cottage Grove)

2002 Champion: 88 Roger Stephenson (Cambridge)

55 Terry Wangsness (Delavan)

18 Dennis Gaserude (Oregon)
20 Gary Pashey (Marshall)
70 Rick Kehoe (Jefferson)
72 Tim Noble (Janesville)

Heats: 8 lap
1) 17 Bill Bush (Jefferson)
2) 56 Randy Strasburg (Jefferson)
3) 88 Roger Stephenson (Cambridge)

Bandit Feature:

1. 38 Bill Reynolds (Watertown)
2. 42 Bill Sweeney (Janesville)
3. 11 Troy Olson (Janesville)
4. 57 Tim Seitz (Edgerton) (2002 Champion)
5. 5 Peter Shelley (Edgerton)
6. 20 Rikki Bishofberger (Ft. Atkinson)

42 Bill Sweeney (Janesville): 15.563 seconds

41 Brian Paulson (Edgerton)
20 Rikki Bishofberger (Ft. Atkinson
13 Terry Sauer (Waterloo)
75 Paula Seitz (Edgerton)

Heats: 8 lap:
1) 11 Tim Petrie (Sun Prairie)
2) 11 Troy Olson (Janesville)
3) 38 Bill Reynolds (Watertown)

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