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Instructions for forms

Any of the waivers that require a witness must be witnessed by a Notary Public or a Jefferson Speedway Pit Gate Official. To avoid any potential issues always print the forms in color!

Driver Annual Registration

We will be using for lineups and driver information.  Online registration is optional as you still have to complete a form at the pit gate but completing the online registration will help us keep your information up to date. registration

You will need to complete the driver info sheet at the pit gate with all of your personal information for on site registration when you arrive.

Instructions for the minor release form

If BOTH parents and the child are signing the waiver in front of a witness at the pit gate, you do not need to get it notarized.

If you just want to hand in the waiver form at the pit gate you need to print the notary of the wavier in color  as this is required! Then complete the form and have it notarized. When you arrive you can hand it in at the pit gate.

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