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The Early Years


Every Saturday night, from April through September, the serene Southern Wisconsin countryside thunders with the racing action at Jefferson Speedway. Nestled in the rolling farm land of Jefferson County, Wisconsin’s Action Track boasts a long history of close, fast paced racing action.

Starting life as a quarter mile dirt track, in 1952, with little but cornfields for boundaries, this track has been the home of Saturday night Racers, and fans, for many years. Over the years there have been many improvements. The track was paved, as a small quarter mile, with 6 degree banking at both ends, in 1964. The walls have progressed from cornfields, to guardrails to back-filled reinforced concrete, by 1981. The 1983 season saw the appearance of the tall yellow scoring tower, which served through the 1989 season.

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Track Evolution

The 1990's

In 1990, turns 3 and 4 were extended, making the track a true quarter mile around the center line. The extended turns were graced with progressive 6, 9 and 12 degree banking, while turns 1 and 2 remained unchanged, at the original 6 degrees. This unique configuration added a challenging element to the track, which continues to treat fans to close racing action. This reconfiguration also had the effect of moving the Start/Finish line, making the yellow tower obsolete.

After one season of scoring from the infield, a new scoring tower was constructed, aligned with the new start/finish line, in 1991. The old yellow tower now serves as an observation area for VIP, and other groups.

Dick Tucker was a working race promoter who was often seen cruising around Jefferson Speedway on his golf cart. Tucker died Tuesday, March 28 at his home in Jefferson.
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improvements & Growth

The 2000's

During the 2000 racing season, turn 3 was adorned with a new electronic scoreboard and message board, to aid fans in tracking their favorite drivers, during the course of a race.

During the off season, this year, a new pavilion was erected, behind the turn 1 grandstands, to provide a shaded area for sponsored picnics, etc. Every Saturday night a full field of Late Model, Sportsman, International (4 cylinder) and Hobby Stocks, compete for bragging rights, season points and weekly prize money.

The “Bandit,” pure stock, front wheel drive, 4 cylinder class, was introduced, as an entry level racing division, in the 2001 season. These guys have added a valuable element to Jefferson Speedway’s regular saturday night program. This division, for safety reasons, does not use the sweeping turns 3 & 4, but rather use the infield cut-across, at that end of the track.

The Bandits have proved to be a great place to start, for those who feel the “Need for Speed” but don’t want to commit a great deal of time and money to get started. This division has grown, every year, since their start, in 2001.

Jefferson Speedway runs a number of special events each year. The 2003 schedule contains three “Tournaments of Destruction.” These events provide thrills and laughs, for children of all ages, with events ranging from Auto Bowling, to 4 cylinders racing on soap suds, and ending with a Demolition Derby. These bouts of automotive mayhem are staged on non-race nights. Check our schedule for dates and times.

The Tucker family, who have operated the track since 1968, dedicate a great deal of time and energy to managing the rules, in each of the tracks’ divisions. The goal is to maintaining a fair and affordable racing venue, for both race teams, and fans. Every year, during the off season, the drivers and crews have the opportunity to participate in the rules process. Changes are made, progress in technology is inevitable, but the goal is to keep the costs down and participation up.

In addition to the racing program, Jefferson Speedway, hosts the Jefferson Bargain Fair, every Sunday during the racing season. Over 100 vendors come out weekly, to peddle their wares.

Attention to detail, fairness and hard work has proved to be a winning combination at Wisconsin’s Action Track.

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A One of a kind short track

Track Facts

Speed Conversion

1/4 Mile Track

Divide 900 by lap time in seconds to get average speed. ( 900 / 15.0 = 60MPH)


Asphalt surface with back filled concrete walls. Last fully repaved in Repaved in 2004.

Turn 1 & 2

Progressive Banking 0/4.5/7.5/11 degree banking (Less Aggressively Banked)

Turns 3 & 4

Progressive Banking 6/9/12 degree banking (More Agressively Banked)


Track Records

Late Models                  Jacob Nottestad        13.906       05/08/21 

Sportsman                   Bobby Selsing              14.623       05/06/17

Internationals              Blake Nottestad           15.220      06/01/24

Hobby Stocks              Shane Radtke Jr.          15.395      05/08/21

Legends                           Colin Stocker                15.299       05/13/23

Bandits (Left)                 Tyler Deschaine           13.866       08/18/18

Bandits (Right)            Tommy Schuette          14.793       08/26/23

Bandolero (1/4 mile)   Jevin Guralski               16.230       09/19/21

Bandits (1/4 mile)        Devon Dixon                  16.998       04/26/14

Bandolero (1/5 mile)   Kolton Guralski           13.830       09/09/17

Road Warriors                Bill Sweeney                 16.184       08/24/19

ARCA Super Lates       Casey Johnson             13.230       05/28/22

TUNDRA Super Lates   Jordan DeVoy              13.324       07/18/20

Super Trucks                       Bryce Miller                 13.969       09/18/20

602 Late Models           Brian Johnson Sr.      14.049        05/28/22

Midwest Dash Series      Mark Dewey             15.557        05/28/22

6 Shooters                       Steven Mueller              17.762        08/26/23

Vintage                                  Rex Rossier                  15.087       09/18/16

Track Attack                       Jeff Jeske                      37.549       07/15/22

Track Champions


Wisconsin State Champions

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