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April Tech Talk

Welcome to Jefferson Speedway’s Tech Talk.  Here is a forum for you to ask questions, state opinions and share information about racing at Jefferson Speedway.  We have a few ground rules to keep the conversation positive and productive.  This is not the place to resolve conflicts between drivers or the track.  No personal character assassination.  This is not a sales platform.   Absolutely no obscenities.  The content is moderated not in real time.  Let’s keep it positive and have fun.  Now….Let’s talk racing!  Terry 

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  1. Greetings. Let me start by saying I don’t normally take the time to write messages. We just returned home from a night of racing at Jefferson Speedway (8/8/2015). Although track is only 1 hour 15 minutes from home, it had been years since we visited. Our old home track was Lake Geneva. I pitted for cars there for many years starting when I was 18 and had great times all the way till it closed. I’m 62 now and no longer with a team but the love for racing has never left me. I felt the need to write and say how impressed we are with the track, the people, and the caliber of racing. Most tracks are becoming shabby to the point of looking like they are “on their death bed”. We’ve been to a lot of tracks including dirt tracks, drag strips, road courses, International speedways and circle tracks like yours. Jefferson Speedway really Stands out in many areas. To start with, your friendly staff directed us to plentiful parking. Next, your pricing of tickets is very fair. Then we find the restrooms actually clean and nicely painted. The stands are well kept. The staff at the food stand are great and a nice selection of “track food” is available at reasonable prices. The quality of racing is outstanding. We love the fact that you allow three deep racing in the corners. The fact that turns 1 & 2, and 3 & 4 are not the same really adds to the excitement. We were sitting by some really nice people in the stands. They were friendly and respectful of others. Walking back to the car, the discussion turned to how much we enjoyed your announcer. A good announcer really can add a lot to the racing experience and you have one of the best. He not only was informative, but we was really humorous without offending people. He really really knows the cars and the sponsors. WE really enjoyed the nick names given to the drivers. It adds “personality” to the field. The only other track we have found that we enjoy to this degree is the Dells Speedway but it’s over 2 1/2 hour drive from our home each way. That gets to be a long night.
    All in all, I got to say, Jefferson Speedway was a great experience and we will be back!!!
    Thank you,
    Martin Stockwell
    Aircraft Mechanic
    Gear Head
    Fan Of Fine Racing

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