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Newville Auto Salvage
EVENT Highlights - May 18, 2024

Late Models

Dale Nottestad, Cambridge won the Newville Auto Salvage 50 lap late model feature. Nottestad, who came from the twelth starting position to take the lead following a spirited battle with Karter Stark, Marshal, near the halfway point in the event. Nottestad then held of a determined challenge from Michael Guderski, Mansfield to post his first win of the season. Guderski finished second by 1⁄2 car length at the line. Last weeks winner, Shaun Scheel, Lake Mills, took third, Stark, fourth, Dylan Schuyler, Dousman fifth, and Seth Reamer, Marshall, sixth.

Jordan Lamb, Fort Atkinson, and Karter Stark led the 18 car field to the green. The pair diced side by side for the first six laps until a spinning car necessitated the first caution of the event. On the restart, Lamb chose the outside line with Stark on his inside. The two resumed their spirited battle until Stark gained the advantage on lap 10. While the battle for the lead was raging, Dale Nottestad, Dylan Schuyler, Kyle Smith, Lake Mills, and Shaun Scheel, were all battling for position. Nottestad was the first to break through the traffic and began to put pressure on Stark for the lead. Stark and Nottestad raced side by side for nearly 10 laps until Nottestad finally took the lead. On lap 36 Lamb and Smith collided causing the second caution of the race. Nottestad chose the high line with Stark on his inside. At the green the two touched but were able to recover without losing a positions.

Nottestad and Stark fought for a few more laps until Nottestad took firm control of the lead. With less than ten laps remaining, Mike Guderski and Shaun Scheel slipped past Stark and both started putting pressure on Nottestad. Nottestad, however, was was up to the challenge and beat Guderski to the finish line by 1⁄2 a car length, Scheel followed a close third, with Stark holding off Schuyler for fourth.



Robert Hansberry, Brodhead, won the 35 lap sportsman feature by methodically working his way to the front of the field after a spirited battle with Jake Biever, Janesville, and Nick Bruley, Johnson Creek. Jason Thoma, Jefferson, was forth and Kyle Chwala, Jefferson fifth.


Hobby Stock

Robbie Rucks, Deerfield, won the 25 lap Hobby Stock feature coming from deep in the field to take the lead lead late in the race following an intense three car battle with Chico Riedner, Waunakee, and Chase Wangsness, Jefferson. Avery Linnerude, Milton, finished third, Tony Ciano, Janesville, fourth and Ethen Degner, Watertown, fifth.



Matt Krinke, Watertown, won the 20 lap Bandit feature nipping Max Larson, Columbus, and Trent Rueth, Johnson Creek at the finish line to post the win. Carli Lenz, Lake Mills took fourth with Ryan Oetzel, Broadhead, fifth.



Mike Peterson, Oregon won a rambunctious six shooter feature after trading paint with Tim Murphy, Sparta, and Ron Osborne, Oregon, in the final laps of the event. Murphy finshed second with Osborne in third, Jeremy Bingham, Loves Park Il, fourth, and Jason Van Hise, Janesville rounded out the top five.

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RACE SUMMARY 5-18-2024


1. Dale Nottestad,Cambridge 
2. Michael Guderski, Manchester
3. Schaun Scheel, Lake Mills
4. Karter Stark, Marshall,
5. Dylan Schuyler, Dousman
6. Seth Reimer, Marshall
7. Kurt Klevin, Jefferson
8. Michael Grueneberg, Wisconsin Dells
9. Mark Deporter, Fort Atkinson
10. Jeff Steenbergen, Watertown
11. Stephen Scheel, Lake Mills
12. Lucas Westenberg, Jefferson
13. Josh Thiering, Saint Charles IL.
14 Tim Coley, Sun Prairie
15. Jordan Lamb, Fort Atkinson
16. Kyle Smith, Lake Mills
17. Carson Phillips, Edgerton
18. Chris Chenoweth, Watertown

1. Jeff Steenbergen, Watertown
2. Michael Grueneberg, Wisconsin Dells
3. Josh Thiering, Saint Charles IL.
4. Lucas Westenberg, Jefferson
5. Jerry Eckhardt, Johnson Creek
6. Jerry Stafford, South Beloit 1l.

First Heat, Josh Thiering, Saint Charles IL.
Second Heat, Michael Grueneberg, Wisconsin Dells
Third Heat, Carson Phillips, Edgerton

1. Kurt Klevin, Jefferson, 14.350
2. Chris Chenoweth, Watertown, 14.365
3. Dale Nottestad, Cambridge, 14.383
4. Carson Phillips, Edgerton, 14.387
5. Schaun Scheel, Lake Mills, 14.397


1. Robery Hansberry, Jr. Broadhead
2. Jake Biever, Janesville
3. Nick Bruley, Johnson Creek
4. Jason Thoma, Jefferson
5. Kyle Chawal, Jefferson
6. Mathew Thoma, Jefferson
7. Chris Jones, South Beloit, IL
8. Mike Lambert, Watertown
9. Paul Johnson Jr., Edgerton
10. Dan Harris, Janesville
11. Jim Taylor, Stoughton,
12. Brock Behnke, Roscoe IL.
13. Dan Silberhorn, Fon Du Lac
14. Patrick Featherson II, Byron IL.
15. Cainen Klemons, Woodstock, IL. 16. Tytus Helgestad, Milton

First: Dan Silberhorn, Fon Du Lac
Second: Jake Biever, Janesville
Third: Tytus Helgestad, Milton

1. Jason Thoma, Jefferson 14.898
2. Mathew Thoma, Jefferson 14.904
3. Robert Hansberry, Jr. 14.912
4. Tytus Helgestad, Milton 14.916
5. Kyle Chawal, Jefferson 15.095


1. Robbie Rucks, Deerfield
2. Scott Riedner, Waunakee
3. Avery Linnerud, Milton
4. Tony Ciano, Janesville
5. Ethan Degner, Watertown
6. Easton Riedner, Waunakee
7. Hunter Milbrath, Lake Mills
8. Braden Yelland, Roscoe, IL.
9. Chuck Egli, Waterloo
10. Scott Tiedt, Columbus
11. Lucas Buckingham, Whitewater
12. Waylon Robinson, Beloit
13. Jessica Breunig, DePere
14. Chester Williams, Waukesha
15. Steve Dobbratz, Rio,
16. Blake Nottestad, Cambridge
17. Shane Strothman, South Beloit, IL
18. Chase Wangsness, Jefferson

1. Easton Riedner, Waunakee
2. Braden Yelland, Roscoe, IL.
3. Braden Yelland, Roscoe, IL.
4. Chuck Egli, Waterloo

First, Terry Wangsness, Jefferson
Second: Blake Nottestad, Cambridge
Third: Scott Riedner, Waunakee

1. Avery Linnerud, Milton 15.573
2. Robbie Rucks, Deerfield 15.594
3. Waylon Robinson, Beloit 15.643
4. Hunter Milbrath, Lake Mills 15.696
5. Chase, Wangsness, Jefferson 15.714


1. Matt Krinke, Watertown
2. Max Larson, Columbus
3. Trent Rueth, Johnson Creek
4. Carli Lenz, Lake Mills
5. Ryan Oetzel, Broadhead
6. Nick Klettke, Jefferson
7. Landon Peterson, Fort Atkinson
8. Jonathan Petitt, Whitewater
9. Nick Newton, Jefferson
10. Mason Wilcott, Watertown
11. Chris Gottschalk, Jefferson
12. Jordan Goecks, Janesville
13. Justin Cutts, Janesville
14. Tommy Schuette, Fort Atkinson
15. Nick Schmidt, Watertown
16. Jayden Laehr, Watertown
17. Josh Kienbaum, Janesville
18. Caden Pankow, Jefferson

1. Landon Peterson, Fort Atkinson
2. Jordan Goecks, Janesville
3. Justin Cutts, Janesville
4. Jayden Laehr, Watertown

First: Jordan Goecks, Janesville
Second: Nick Newton, Jefferson
Third: Chris Gottschalk, Jefferson

1. Max Larson, Columbus 14.351
2. Tommy Schuette, Fort Atkinson 14.499
3. Nick Schmidt, Watertown 14.535
4. Trent Rueth, Johnson Creek 14.546
5. Mason Wilcott, Watertown 14.571


1. Mike Peterson, Oregon Il.
2. Tim Murphy, Sparta,
3. Ronald Osborne, Fitchburg
4. Jeremy Bingham, Loves Park IL.
5. Jason VanHise, Janesville
6. Joshua Zacharius, Lone Rock
7. Tyler Busch, Lake In the Hills, IL.
8. Garrett Meister, Cottage Grove
9. Caleb Richards, South Beloit, IL.
10. Kevin Turner, Juda,
11. Gloria Lund, Loves Park IL.
12. Phillip Klinker, Stoughton
13. Gene Robbins, Evansville
14. David Killerlain, Columbus
15. Kevin Zimmerman, Fort Atkinson
16. Dylan Klinger, Albany

1. Dylan Klinger, Albany
2. Gene Robbins, Evansville
3. Kevin Turner, Juda,
4. David Killerlain, Columbus

First, Dylan Klinger, Albany
Second, Ronald Osborne, Fitchburg
Third, Mike Peterson, Oregon Il.

1. Jeremy Bingham, Loves Park IL. 18.091
2. Mike Peterson, Oregon Il. 18.245
3. Joshua Zacharius, Lone Rock 18.292
4. Jason VanHise, Janesville 18.339
5. RonalOsborneFitchbur18.456

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