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CAMBRIDGE, WI (Saturday, July 30, 2022)            The season long battle at the top of the Late Model standings continued to play itself out on the track on Saturday night at Jefferson Speedway. The top two title contenders waged another great battle at the front of the KNR Transport Late Model 50 field with Cambridge driver, Dale Nottestad, claiming the victory of Jason Erickson of Jefferson. The win gives Nottestad three features on the season, evening him up with Erickson’s win tally as the season heads towards the final stretch run.

Bill Bush and Ryan Laatsch paced the stout field of 18 drivers to the drop of the green flag. Laatsch took the early lead with Bush falling in behind. On lap two, Bush spun entering turn one. The melee collected several competitors, including Nottestad. But all drivers were able to continue with Laatsch and Luke Westenberg leading the field back to racing. Westenberg drove ahead of Laatsch as racing resumed. Shaun Scheel moved past Laatsch for second on lap five with Kyle Smith moving up to challenge for third. The field jostled for position behind them while Westenberg continued to show the way at the front. On lap 11, Smith moved ahead of Laatsch, opening the door for Nottestad to moved up to fourth. A lap later, Scheel moved under Westenberg, stealing away the point on lap 13. The second caution of the race appeared on lap 15 for a stopped car in turn four. Scheel and Westenberg led the pack back to green with Scheel once again claiming sole possession of the top spot. Nottestad followed into second and quickly drew in behind Scheel. On lap 19, Nottestad dove under Scheel, clearing for the lead as they raced off turn four. Erickson got to third just before the final yellow flag slowed the action on lap 25. This time, it was Nottestad and Erickson on the front row to resume racing with 25 lap remaining. The duo battled side by side until lap 28 when Nottestad moved ahead. Four laps later, Erickson slid under Nottestad on the exit of turn two, Erickson drew even as the two drivers leaned on eachother. On lap 38, they touched again, this time with Nottestad slipping ahead and reclearing for the lead. Nottestad remained in control over the final 12 circuits to score the win with Erickson settling for second. Ryan Goldade was third followed by Dylan Schuyler and Seth Reamer.

Jefferson’s Jason Thoma laid claim to the 30 lap Sportsman feature event after a late race pass netted him the lead. Craig Henning and Tytus Helgestad battled side by side to open up the action with Henning moving out front alone on lap three. Henning and Helgestad ran one-two over the first half of the race until a caution on lap 17 slowed the pace. The pair led the field back to green once again, this time with Helgestad moving ahead to claim the lead. Thoma followed into second just before the second and final caution waved on lap 20. Helgestad and Thoma led the field back to green. Helgestad cleared for the lead on lap 21 with Thoma sticking close on is rear bumper. Thoma sized up the leader until lap 24 when he took to the high side of Helgestad. Thoma drew even as they battled for the lead while the laps ticked away. With three laps to go, Thoma slid his machine out front, clearing for the lead and holding on through the checkers to get the win. Helgestad settled for second followed by Tim Coley, Tyler Deporter and Chris Jones.

In Hobby Stock action, it was Chris Flairty of Whitewater claiming the 30 lap feature event. Matthew Thoma took the initial lead on lap three from fellow front row starter Shane Strothman. After three early cautions in the first nine laps, Thoma remained in control ahead of Korey Bengsch. On lap 16, Flairty moved up to second behind Thoma. Flairty spent three laps behind the leader, moving to the high side on lap 19. The duo raced wheel to wheel for several laps until Flairty inched ahead, clearing for the lead with seven laps to go. Flairty stayed strong on the point as he flew past the checkers to get the win. Thoma hung on to finish second ahead of Chester Williams, Jim Tate Jr and Robbie Rucks.

Trent Rueth of Johnson Creek won a good battle with Nick Schmidt to claim the 20 lap Bandit feature race. Austin Barnes led early from the pole with Landon Peterson charging up to challenge on lap two. Peterson moved into second, bringing Gaven Smothers along for third.  On lap nine, the first of three cautions waved when the leader, Barnes, lost a wheel in turn two. Peterson and Rueth paced the field back to green with Rueth firing into the lead on the restart. Another caution waved on lap 13, pitting Rueth and Schmidt now on the front row for the restart. Reuth got the jump as racing resumed, clearing Schmidt. Schmidt remained close as he searched for an avenue to the front of the pack. Another caution slowed the pace on lap 18, setting up a green-white-checkered finish. As racing resumed, Rueth got the jump once again, clearing for the top spot and hanging on through the final laps to secure the win. Schmidt finished second followed by Peterson, Carson Philips and Matt Krinke.

Legends point leader, Jacob Tiegan of Marion (IA), increased his cushion in the standings by winning the 25 lap feature event. After a caution on the opening lap, Adam Hansen grabbed the early lead with Tiegan charging up to second and bringing Dillon Schwanbeck along for third. Tiegan quickly moved around Hansen to grab the point with Schwanbeck remaining in his tracks. Schwanbeck shadowed the new leader for many laps, until making his move on lap 17. Schwanbeck got under Tiegan as they raced into turn three. A lap later, Schwanbeck was out front alone while trying to maneuver lapped traffic. On lap 20, while trying to get past a lapped vehicle, Schwanbeck drove high while Tiegan chose the low side. The result was Tiegan moving back out front as Schwanbeck tried to regroup and make another run. But he ran out of time as Tiegan crossed the stripe first while Schwanbeck settled for second. Michael Weber was third with Robby Morrison and Kenny Storkson rounding out the top five.

Alex Hartwig of Portage picked up the win in the 15 lap Bandolero main event. After a lap one caution, Jayden Johnson and Easton Riedner emerged side by side in a battle for the lead. Lincoln Cain joined the pair up front on lap three as he dove to the inside. Cain moved out front on lap four, bringing Hartwig along for second. After a couple laps, Hartwig made his move to the outside of Cain as they raced down the backstretch. After a brief battle, Hartwig drove to the lead with Cain settling in behind him. Hartwig maintained his lead through two late cautions to pick up the win with Cain, Riedner, Jayden Johnson and Lincoln Johnson completing the top five.

Next Saturday, August 6, is round three of the Tournament of Destruction with opening ceremonies at 6:45pm followed by mayhem at 7pm. Jefferson Speedway is located halfway between Jefferson and Cambridge on Hwy 18. Please visit for more information.




Late Model-


Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 2N Dale Nottestad 14.321
2 9K Paul Kisow 14.416
3 33S Dylan Schuyler 14.439
4 97C Chris Chenoweth 14.464
5 94E Jason Erickson 14.465
6 39G Ryan Goldade 14.564
7 8S Shaun Scheel 14.575
8 37R Seth Reamer 14.603
9 16W Luke Westenberg 14.638
10 97S Kyle Smth 14.678
11 18L Ryan Laatsch 14.685
12 81G Don Gasrude 14.743
13 47M David Malisch 14.783
14 17B Bill Bush 14.821
15 3O Laney Osborne 14.831
16 16P Tyler Petersen 14.892
17 70S Alan Shierling Jr 14.896
18 16G Russ Grossen 14.932
19 90G Michael Guderski 15.05
20 61E Jerry Eckhardt 15.142
21 41T Mike Taylor 15.317
22 13S Terry Sauer 15.321
23 7K Ed Kubicz 15.382
24 15G Logan Graham 15.391


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 61E Jerry Eckhardt
2 90G Michael Guderski
3 16G Russ Grossen
4 7K Ed Kubicz
5 70S Alan Shierling Jr
6 13S Terry Sauer
7 15G Logan Graham
8 41T Mike Taylor


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 16P Tyler Petersen
2 81G Don Gasrude
3 37R Seth Reamer
4 97C Chris Chenoweth
5 9K Paul Kisow
6 39G Ryan Goldade
7 17B Bill Bush
8 97S Kyle Smth


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 47M David Malisch
2 2N Dale Nottestad
3 33S Dylan Schuyler
4 8S Shaun Scheel
5 94E Jason Erickson
6 18L Ryan Laatsch
7 16W Luke Westenberg
8 3O Laney Osborne


Last Chance

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 16P Tyler Petersen
2 3O Laney Osborne
3 16G Russ Grossen
4 61E Jerry Eckhardt
5 7K Ed Kubicz
6 90G Michael Guderski
7 15G Logan Graham
8 41T Mike Taylor
9 70S Alan Shierling Jr
10 13S Terry Sauer



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 2N Dale Nottestad
2 94E Jason Erickson
3 39G Ryan Goldade
4 33S Dylan Schuyler
5 37R Seth Reamer
6 8S Shaun Scheel
7 97C Chris Chenoweth
8 81G Don Gasrude
9 97S Kyle Smth
10 16W Luke Westenberg
11 16P Tyler Petersen
12 17B Bill Bush
13 9K Paul Kisow
14 18L Ryan Laatsch
15 61E Jerry Eckhardt
16 3O Laney Osborne
17 47M David Malisch
18 7K Ed Kubicz





Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 28D Mark Deporter 14.824
2 22J Chris Jones 14.91
3 51K Kurtis Kleven 14.944
4 91C Tim Coley 14.98
5 20V Jared Vike 15.019
6 6T Jason Thoma 15.023
7 42S Bobby  Selsing 15.04
8 2D Tyler Deporter 15.042
9 90H Tytus Helgestad 15.045
10 98B Mike Bleecker 15.106
11 4T Jim Taylor 15.14
12 94H Craig Henning 15.154
13 43J Christian Jansen 15.207
14 41L Jordan Lamb 15.228
15 86C Tony Ciano 15.32
16 34B Jake Biever 15.345
17 80H Cris Harmon 15.355
18 31A Kenny Au 15.509
19 68O Ken Olson 15.536


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 86C Tony Ciano
2 43J Christian Jansen
3 34B Jake Biever
4 41L Jordan Lamb
5 80H Cris Harmon
6 31A Kenny Au
7 68O Ken Olson


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 6T Jason Thoma
2 98B Mike Bleecker
3 22J Chris Jones
4 91C Tim Coley
5 94H Craig Henning
6 2D Tyler Deporter


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 42S Bobby  Selsing
2 90H Tytus Helgestad
3 28D Mark Deporter
4 4T Jim Taylor
5 51K Kurtis Kleven
6 20V Jared Vike



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 6T Jason Thoma
2 90H Tytus Helgestad
3 91C Tim Coley
4 2D Tyler Deporter
5 22J Chris Jones
6 42S Bobby  Selsing
7 51K Kurtis Kleven
8 94H Craig Henning
9 43J Christian Jansen
10 20V Jared Vike
11 28D Mark Deporter
12 98B Mike Bleecker
13 86C Tony Ciano
14 31A Kenny Au
15 34B Jake Biever
16 41L Jordan Lamb
17 80H Cris Harmon
18 4T Jim Taylor
19 68O Ken Olson


Hobby Stock-


Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 5R Robbie Rucks 15.595
2 114 Chris Flairty 15.61
3 52R Shane Radtke Jr 15.651
4 27T Jim Tate  Jr 15.747
5 33R Jimmy  Robinson 15.749
6 18R Robby Robinson 15.825
7 2W Chester Williams 15.828
8 23RB Randy Breunig 15.86
9 01B Mike Bollinger 15.88
10 05B Tucker Bodendorfer 15.881
11 22B Korey Bengsch 15.918
12 23B Nick Bruley 15.918
13 16S Shane Strothman 15.981
14 9T Matthew  Thoma 15.983
15 71T Jamie Tate 16.12
16 26R Chico Riedner 16.16
17 52D Steve Dobbratz 16.252
18 91E Dylan Eagen 17.054
19 9Z Kevin  Zimmerman 17.154


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 26R Chico Riedner
2 71T Jamie Tate
3 16S Shane Strothman
4 52D Steve Dobbratz
5 9T Matthew  Thoma
6 91E Dylan Eagen
7 9Z Kevin  Zimmerman


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 23B Nick Bruley
2 27T Jim Tate  Jr
3 05B Tucker Bodendorfer
4 114 Chris Flairty
5 18R Robby Robinson
6 23RB Randy Breunig


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 22B Korey Bengsch
2 2W Chester Williams
3 5R Robbie Rucks
4 01B Mike Bollinger
5 33R Jimmy  Robinson
6 52R Shane Radtke Jr



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 114 Chris Flairty
2 9T Matthew  Thoma
3 2W Chester Williams
4 27T Jim Tate  Jr
5 5R Robbie Rucks
6 33R Jimmy  Robinson
7 22B Korey Bengsch
8 52R Shane Radtke Jr
9 18R Robby Robinson
10 23B Nick Bruley
11 05B Tucker Bodendorfer
12 52D Steve Dobbratz
13 71T Jamie Tate
14 23RB Randy Breunig
15 91E Dylan Eagen
16 01B Mike Bollinger
17 26R Chico Riedner
18 9Z Kevin  Zimmerman
19 16S Shane Strothman





Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 15P Carson Phillips 14.272
2 09X Nick Schmidt 14.314
3 64R Trent  Rueth 14.494
4 109W Mason Wilcott 14.557
5 133R Waylon Robinson 14.641
6 29K Matt Krinke 14.666
7 61B Zach Barnes 14.685
8 41N Nick Newton 14.756
9 18S Gavin Smothers 14.793
10 81P Landon Peterson 14.84
11 62D Ethan Degner 14.854
12 17B Austin Barnes 14.855
13 25B Scott Barlass 14.878
14 50P John Petitt 15.043
15 00J Scott Johnson 15.095
16 2W Matt Weber 15.308
17 45W Jeremy Whitman 15.325
18 32C Chris  Cowan 15.385
19 64B Cooper  Bodendorfer 15.386
20 16L Carli Lenz 15.462
21 89K Josh Kienbaum 15.517
22 44K Jeremy Kirnberger 15.8
23 31W Michael Williams 17.145
24 9B Brian Brewster 0


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 45W Jeremy Whitman
2 16L Carli Lenz
3 32C Chris  Cowan
4 44K Jeremy Kirnberger
5 31W Michael Williams
6 64B Cooper  Bodendorfer
7 89K Josh Kienbaum


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 50P John Petitt
2 09X Nick Schmidt
3 29K Matt Krinke
4 41N Nick Newton
5 2W Matt Weber
6 109W Mason Wilcott
7 81P Landon Peterson
8 17B Austin Barnes


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 61B Zach Barnes
2 15P Carson Phillips
3 133R Waylon Robinson
4 64R Trent  Rueth
5 18S Gavin Smothers
6 62D Ethan Degner
7 25B Scott Barlass
8 00J Scott Johnson


Last Chance

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 00J Scott Johnson
2 45W Jeremy Whitman
3 2W Matt Weber
4 16L Carli Lenz
5 64B Cooper  Bodendorfer
6 32C Chris  Cowan
7 44K Jeremy Kirnberger
8 31W Michael Williams
9 89K Josh Kienbaum



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 64R Trent  Rueth
2 09X Nick Schmidt
3 81P Landon Peterson
4 15P Carson Phillips
5 29K Matt Krinke
6 18S Gavin Smothers
7 61B Zach Barnes
8 109W Mason Wilcott
9 41N Nick Newton
10 25B Scott Barlass
11 133R Waylon Robinson
12 16L Carli Lenz
13 62D Ethan Degner
14 64B Cooper  Bodendorfer
15 45W Jeremy Whitman
16 50P John Petitt
17 2W Matt Weber
18 17B Austin Barnes





Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 7T Jacob  Tiegen 15.711
2 8W Michael  Weber 15.8
3 28P Adam Powers 15.873
4 27S Dillon Schwanbeck 15.882
5 57S Kenny Storkson 16.026
6 44N Jordan Nicholas 16.058
7 7M Ben Massman 16.12
8 2H Adam Hansen 16.176
9 52M Robbie Morrison 16.183
10 41M Tony Moyer 16.364
11 47R Travis Rose 16.429
12 67P Spencer Polacek 16.696
13 87x Alex Kniewel 16.938


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 7M Ben Massman
2 52M Robbie Morrison
3 2H Adam Hansen
4 47R Travis Rose
5 41M Tony Moyer
6 67P Spencer Polacek
7 87x Alex Kniewel


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 27S Dillon Schwanbeck
2 7T Jacob  Tiegen
3 44M Jordan Miklas
4 57S Kenny Storkson
5 28P Adam Powers
6 8W Michael  Weber



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 7T Jacob  Tiegen
2 27S Dillon Schwanbeck
3 8W Michael  Weber
4 52M Robbie Morrison
5 57S Kenny Storkson
6 28P Adam Powers
7 44M Jordan Miklas
8 2H Adam Hansen
9 41M Tony Moyer
10 67P Spencer Polacek
11 87x Alex Kniewel
12 47R Travis Rose
13 7M Ben Massman





Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 52L Avery Linnerud 16.726
2 901 Alex Hartwig 16.856
3 8J Jayden Johnson 17.005
4 9M Collin  Murphy 17.124
5 7R Easton Riedner 17.158
6 5C Lincoln Cain 17.196
7 22T Bentley Thompson 17.343
8 7J Harley Johnson 17.409
9 3S Riley Smith 17.412
10 29O Axel Oldenhoff 17.413
11 0 Lincoln Johnson 17.414
12 5S Parker Searles 18.039
13 10B Emily Billings 18.043
14 1L Lukas Lichtenwalner 18.271
15 62O Ace Oldenhoff 18.438
16 17L Mason Lenz 18.704
17 11S Carter Stein 18.82
18 06B Parker Bodendorfer 19.058
19 63R Jase Riedner 19.08
20 02B Casie Brabant 19.081
21 60 Chase Gottschalk 19.089
22 17R Ryder Robinson 19.846
23 22O Braxton Olds 19.98
24 71T McKenna Turner 20.05
25 24M Blake Michael 20.343
26 707 Hunter Graham 22.056
27 125 Kinseigh Weber 22.363


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 22O Braxton Olds
2 17R Ryder Robinson
3 707 Hunter Graham
4 125 Kinseigh Weber
5 24M Blake Michael
6 60 Chase Gottschalk
7 71T McKenna Turner


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 62O Ace Oldenhoff
2 02B Casie Brabant
3 06B Parker Bodendorfer
4 63R Jase Riedner
5 11S Carter Stein
6 1L Lukas Lichtenwalner
7 17L Mason Lenz


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 22T Bentley Thompson
2 5S Parker Searles
3 29O Axel Oldenhoff
4 0 Lincoln Johnson
5 10B Emily Billings
6 3S Riley Smith
7 7J Harley Johnson


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 5C Lincoln Cain
2 52L Avery Linnerud
3 901 Alex Hartwig
4 7R Easton Riedner
5 9M Collin  Murphy
6 8J Jayden Johnson



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 17R Ryder Robinson
2 24M Blake Michael
3 22O Braxton Olds
4 707 Hunter Graham
5 125 Kinseigh Weber


Last Chance

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 10B Emily Billings
2 02B Casie Brabant
3 63R Jase Riedner
4 06B Parker Bodendorfer
5 1L Lukas Lichtenwalner
6 11S Carter Stein
7 17L Mason Lenz
8 24M Blake Michael
9 17R Ryder Robinson
10 62O Ace Oldenhoff



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 901 Alex Hartwig
2 5C Lincoln Cain
3 7R Easton Riedner
4 8J Jayden Johnson
5 0 Lincoln Johnson
6 9M Collin  Murphy
7 7J Harley Johnson
8 3S Riley Smith
9 10B Emily Billings
10 06B Parker Bodendorfer
11 02B Casie Brabant
12 63R Jase Riedner
13 29O Axel Oldenhoff
14 5S Parker Searles
15 22T Bentley Thompson
16 52L Avery Linnerud


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