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CAMBRIDGE, WI (Saturday, August 13, 2022)      After dodging rain drops all evening long, Stephen Scheel of Lake Mills parked his Late Model in victory lane at the conclusion of the Taylored Construction and Remodeling 50 lap main event. Scheel held off Jefferson pilot, Jason Erickson, for many laps en route to his first feature win of the season at Wisconsin’s Action Track.

Ryan Laatsch and David Malisch paced the field to green as they raced door to door for control of the top spot. Malisch moved out front alone on lap four with Scott Patrick filling the void under Laatsch for second. Patrick claimed the spot a lap later, brining Seth Reamer along for third. After a caution for a three car incident on lap nine, Malisch and Patrick led the field back to green, this time with Patrick driving into the lead on the restart. Stephen Scheel followed Patrick into second with Jason Erickson in his tracks to gain the third position. On lap 14, Erickson drove to the outside of Scheel, looking for second. But a lap later, Scheel slid up under Patrick in a heat for the top spot. Scheel stole the lead from Patrick with Erickson following. While Erickson tailed the new leader, the top two began to breakaway from the rest of the pack. Meanwhile, Dale Nottestad was making his way toward the front, entering the top five by lap 20. Just before the halfway point of the race, the caution flew a final time for a melee on the frontstretch. The restart saw Scheel and Erickson on the front row with Reamer and Nottestad right behind. After a brief battle, Scheel reclaimed the lead on lap 26 as Erickson once again began to search for the best way to get himself out front. Lap after lap, Erickson tried everything he could to get alongside Scheel. But each time Scheel managed to fend him off. As the checkers flew, it was Scheel across the stripe first the score the win with Erickson settling for second. Nottestad finished third followed by Reamer and Michael Grueneberg.

In Sportsman action, it was Mark Deporter of Fort Atkinson charging to the front of the field and driving off to get the 35 lap victory. Jared Vike led the opening lap from the outside of row one with Deporter quickly up to second. Bobby Selsing Jr followed Deporter, making his way to third on lap three. Two laps later, Deporter made his move on the leader, Vike, driving to the outside as they raced into turn three. A lap later, Deporter was out front while Selsing tried to follow around the high side of Vike for second. Selsing completed the pass on lap seven and begun to try to close in on Deporter. The laps ticked away as Deporter continued to stay smooth and strong out front with Selsing settling in as the runner up. At the checkers, it was Deporter for the convincing win followed by Selsing, Christian Janssen, Vike and Tyler Deporter.

Janesville’s Mark Dewey motored to the win in the 20 lap International main event. Josh Tanguay led early from the front row with Keith Bell and Jason Uttech moving into second and third respectively on lap one. Uttech quickly drove around Bell to pick up the second position and close in on the early leader. Using the high side, Uttech slid into the lead on lap three while Dewey used the low groove to move into second. Dewey drew in behind the new leader, Uttech, getting under him on lap five. After a two lap battle, Dewey moved ahead of Uttech and began to stretch his lead. Dewey ran the caution free event unchallenged from there to pick up the win with Uttech coming home second. Mark English was third with Devon Dixon and James Bohling rounding out the top five.

Brandon Riedner of Waunakee was the winner of the 30 lap Hobby Stock feature event. Chuck Egli grabbed the lead after battle with Jessica Bruenig on lap three. Jordy Egli followed into second on lap five with Shane Radtke Jr moving up to third a few laps later. Radtke began to close in on the leaders as Riedner made his way to fourth. On lap 21, Jordy Egli looked to the high side, opening a lane for Riedner as he drew even with Jordy. Two laps later, Chuck Egli opened up the bottom groove just enough for Riedner to fit his machine. Riedner slipped past both Egli’s to move into control while Radtke took advantage and followed through as well. Riedner ran away to the checkers from there to get the win with Radtke finishing second. Jim Tate Jr drove up to finish third ahead of Chris Flairty and Chuck Egli.

Jacob Tiegan of Marian (IA) picked up another feature win by capturing the 25 lap Legends main event. Adam Reed and Kenny Storkson led the field to green with Reed leading into turn one on the opening lap. Tiegan drove to the outside and he charged toward the front of the field. By lap two, Tiegan was challenging Storkson for second place. Storkson and Tiegan raced side by side as they drove to the outside of Reed in a three way battle for first. Tiegan emerged with the top spot on lap three with Storkson back to second. Tiegan immediately began to pull away from the pack while Dillon Schwanbeck was picking through the traffic on his way to second. Schwanbeck moved in the runner up position on lap 17, but Tiegan was already well on his way to the victory. Schwanbeck came home second followed by Robby Morrison, Storkson and Ben Massman.

Jayden Johnson of Ixonia picked up his first career feature win after claiming the 15 lap Bandolero main event. After an early caution on lap three, Bentley Thompson led the field back to green followed by Teegan and Kaeden Wangsness. Kaeden moved up to second on the restart with Johnson following him into third. On lap seven, Teegan took a peek under the leader while Johnson drove to the high side looking for second. Johnson cleared a lap later and continued forward. Johnson dove under Thompson on lap eight, grabbing the point while Lincoln Cain moved up to challenge Thompson for second. Cain took the spot on lap nine, looking to pick up one more position. But Johnson held Cain at bay over the final laps to secure the feature win with Cain settling for second. Penn Sauter was third followed by Thompson and Kaeden Wangsness.

Next Saturday, August 20, is a full program of racing with time trials at 4pm and racing at 6pm. Jefferson Speedway is located halfway between Jefferson and Cambridge on Hwy 18. Please visit for more information.




Late Model-


Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 94E Jason Erickson 14.063
2 2N Dale Nottestad 14.289
3 97C Chris Chenoweth 14.291
4 1G Michael Gruenberg 14.301
5 4SC Stephan Scheel 14.308
6 33S Dylan Schuyler 14.32
7 9K Paul Kisow 14.408
8 47M David Malisch 14.446
9 37R Seth Reamer 14.451
10 18L Ryan Laatsch 14.468
11 40P Scott Patrick 14.469
12 97S Kyle Smth 14.477
13 8S Shaun Scheel 14.503
14 12W Ryan Weyer 14.511
15 21H Cody Houseweart 14.521
16 17O John Ovadal Jr. 14.566
17 3O Laney Osborne 14.631
18 61E Jerry Eckhardt 14.697
19 70S Alan Shierling Jr 14.731
20 16P Tyler Petersen 14.772
21 1R Robert Retallick 14.907
22 16G Russ Grossen 14.926
23 7K Ed Kubicz 15.098
24 13S Terry Sauer 15.169
25 41T Mike Taylor 15.271


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 16P Tyler Petersen
2 61E Jerry Eckhardt
3 1R Robert Retallick
4 16G Russ Grossen
5 7K Ed Kubicz
6 70S Alan Shierling Jr
7 41T Mike Taylor
8 13S Terry Sauer


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 33S Dylan Schuyler
2 17O John Ovadal Jr.
3 2N Dale Nottestad
4 1G Michael Gruenberg
5 12W Ryan Weyer
6 47M David Malisch
7 18L Ryan Laatsch
8 97S Kyle Smth


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 8S Shaun Scheel
2 4SC Stephan Scheel
3 94E Jason Erickson
4 37R Seth Reamer
5 40P Scott Patrick
6 9K Paul Kisow
7 97C Chris Chenoweth
8 21H Cody Houseweart


Last Chance

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 16P Tyler Petersen
2 21H Cody Houseweart
3 61E Jerry Eckhardt
4 17O John Ovadal Jr.
5 41T Mike Taylor
6 16G Russ Grossen
7 1R Robert Retallick
8 13S Terry Sauer
9 70S Alan Shierling Jr
10 7K Ed Kubicz



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 4SC Stephan Scheel
2 94E Jason Erickson
3 2N Dale Nottestad
4 37R Seth Reamer
5 1G Michael Gruenberg
6 40P Scott Patrick
7 9K Paul Kisow
8 33S Dylan Schuyler
9 47M David Malisch
10 12W Ryan Weyer
11 61E Jerry Eckhardt
12 97C Chris Chenoweth
13 97S Kyle Smth
14 21H Cody Houseweart
15 18L Ryan Laatsch
16 17O John Ovadal Jr.
17 16P Tyler Petersen





Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 6T Jason Thoma 14.678
2 97W Chris Weber 14.687
3 51K Kurtis Kleven 14.766
4 7H Robert Hansberry Jr. 14.778
5 91C Tim Coley 14.846
6 22J Chris Jones 14.855
7 28D Mark Deporter 14.868
8 22L Brady Lilly 14.911
9 42S Bobby  Selsing 14.929
10 25H Dan Harris 14.94
11 2D Tyler Deporter 14.941
12 24T Collin Tomlinson 14.949
13 20V Jared Vike 14.972
14 43J Christian Jansen 14.986
15 90H Tytus Helgestad 14.994
16 94H Craig Henning 15.009
17 80H Cris Harmon 15.053
18 34B Jake Biever 15.071
19 86C Tony Ciano 15.138
20 41L Jordan Lamb 15.151
21 4T Jim Taylor 15.151
22 98B Mike Bleecker 15.175
23 31A Kenny Au 15.304
24 74W Mike Weissmann 16.268


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 98B Mike Bleecker
2 41L Jordan Lamb
3 34B Jake Biever
4 4T Jim Taylor
5 31A Kenny Au
6 86C Tony Ciano
7 80H Cris Harmon
8 74W Mike Weissmann


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 43J Christian Jansen
2 7H Robert Hansberry Jr.
3 22J Chris Jones
4 94H Craig Henning
5 22L Brady Lilly
6 97W Chris Weber
7 25H Dan Harris
8 24T Collin Tomlinson


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 42S Bobby  Selsing
2 90H Tytus Helgestad
3 2D Tyler Deporter
4 28D Mark Deporter
5 51K Kurtis Kleven
6 6T Jason Thoma
7 20V Jared Vike


Last Chance

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 80H Cris Harmon
2 94H Craig Henning
3 34B Jake Biever
4 41L Jordan Lamb
5 86C Tony Ciano
6 90H Tytus Helgestad
7 98B Mike Bleecker
8 4T Jim Taylor
9 31A Kenny Au
10 74W Mike Weissmann



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 28D Mark Deporter
2 42S Bobby  Selsing
3 43J Christian Jansen
4 20V Jared Vike
5 2D Tyler Deporter
6 6T Jason Thoma
7 7H Robert Hansberry Jr.
8 51K Kurtis Kleven
9 91C Tim Coley
10 25H Dan Harris
11 94H Craig Henning
12 41L Jordan Lamb
13 24T Collin Tomlinson
14 34B Jake Biever
15 80H Cris Harmon
16 97W Chris Weber
17 22J Chris Jones
18 22L Brady Lilly





Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 111D Devon Dixon 15.343
2 6D Mark Dewey 15.441
3 57E Mark English 15.466
4 11S Weston Strese 15.48
5 36U Jason  Uttech 15.517
6 16B James Bohling 15.708
7 77 Timothy Higgins 15.951
8 0B Keith Bell 16.123
9 12P Caden Pankow 16.156
10 9T Josh Tanguay 16.574
11 51B Jay Bergin 16.761
12 38R Bill Reynolds 16.768
13 2R Jim Ronspiez 16.798
14 54P Bob Peters 16.847


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 9T Josh Tanguay
2 0B Keith Bell
3 38R Bill Reynolds
4 54P Bob Peters
5 51B Jay Bergin
6 2R Jim Ronspiez
7 12P Caden Pankow


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 57E Mark English
2 36U Jason  Uttech
3 16B James Bohling
4 77 Timothy Higgins
5 11S Weston Strese
6 6D Mark Dewey
7 111D Devon Dixon



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 6D Mark Dewey
2 36U Jason  Uttech
3 57E Mark English
4 111D Devon Dixon
5 16B James Bohling
6 11S Weston Strese
7 9T Josh Tanguay
8 77 Timothy Higgins
9 0B Keith Bell
10 12P Caden Pankow
11 54P Bob Peters
12 51B Jay Bergin



Hobby Stock-


Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 5R Robbie Rucks 15.488
2 114 Chris Flairty 15.563
3 4D Bud Riedner 15.639
4 27T Jim Tate  Jr 15.679
5 34K Mike Krueger 15.692
6 23B Nick Bruley 15.733
7 9T Matthew  Thoma 15.733
8 2W Chester Williams 15.768
9 52R Shane Radtke Jr 15.785
10 23E Jordan Egli 15.826
11 05B Tucker Bodendorfer 15.872
12 16S Shane Strothman 15.885
13 23B Jessica Bruenig 15.89
14 22E Chuck Egli 15.893
15 52D Steve Dobbratz 15.909
16 28V Charles Vian 15.95
17 71T Jamie Tate 15.958
18 67N RJ Nicholson 16.007
19 8W Chase Wangsness 16.027
20 26R Chico Riedner 16.06
21 24E Dalton Egli 16.244
22 18J Brandon Johnson 16.419
23 9Z Kevin  Zimmerman 0


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 26R Chico Riedner
2 18J Brandon Johnson
3 52D Steve Dobbratz
4 28V Charles Vian
5 71T Jamie Tate
6 67N RJ Nicholson
7 8W Chase Wangsness
8 24E Dalton Egli
9 9Z Kevin  Zimmerman


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 16S Shane Strothman
2 2W Chester Williams
3 22E Chuck Egli
4 27T Jim Tate  Jr
5 23E Jordan Egli
6 114 Chris Flairty
7 23B Nick Bruley


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 05B Tucker Bodendorfer
2 4D Bud Riedner
3 23B Jessica Bruenig
4 52R Shane Radtke Jr
5 34K Mike Krueger
6 5R Robbie Rucks
7 9T Matthew  Thoma


Last Chance

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 67N RJ Nicholson
2 71T Jamie Tate
3 8W Chase Wangsness
4 24E Dalton Egli
5 18J Brandon Johnson
6 52D Steve Dobbratz
7 26R Chico Riedner
8 28V Charles Vian
9 9Z Kevin  Zimmerman



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 4D Bud Riedner
2 52R Shane Radtke Jr
3 27T Jim Tate  Jr
4 114 Chris Flairty
5 22E Chuck Egli
6 5R Robbie Rucks
7 23E Jordan Egli
8 2W Chester Williams
9 34K Mike Krueger
10 23B Nick Bruley
11 23JB Jessica Bruenig
12 16S Shane Strothman
13 9T Matthew  Thoma
14 05B Tucker Bodendorfer
15 8W Chase Wangsness
16 71T Jamie Tate
17 24E Dalton Egli
18 67N RJ Nicholson





Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 7T Jacob Tiegen 15.359
2 27S Dillon Schwanbeck 15.547
3 32M Robby Morrison 15.704
4 7M Ben Massman 15.768
5 57S Kenny Storkson 15.799
6 2H Adam Hansen 15.821
7 24R Adam Reed 16.034
8 47R Travis Rose 16.067
9 41M Tony Moyer 16.245
10 67P Spencer Polacek 16.482
11 53G Paul Grechowiak 17.042


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 41M Tony Moyer
2 2H Adam Hansen
3 47R Travis Rose
4 24R Adam Reed
5 67P Spencer Polacek
6 53G Paul Grechowiak


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 57S Kenny Storkson
2 7T Jacob Tiegen
3 32M Robby Morrison
4 7M Ben Massman
5 27S Dillon Schwanbeck



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 7T Jacob Tiegen
2 27S Dillon Schwanbeck
3 32M Robby Morrison
4 57S Kenny Storkson
5 7M Ben Massman
6 2H Adam Hansen
7 24R Adam Reed
8 47R Travis Rose
9 67P Spencer Polacek
10 53G Paul Grechowiak





Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 8J Jayden Johnson 16.503
2 52L Avery Linnerud 16.688
3 5SA Penn Sauter 16.726
4 5C Lincoln Cain 16.757
5 9M Collin Murphy 16.83
6 7R Easton Riedner 16.839
7 11W Kaeden Wangsness 16.874
8 7J Harley Johnson 16.914
9 22T Bentley Thompson 17.009
10 0 Lincoln Johnson 17.039
11 29O Axel Oldenhoff 17.099
12 17W Teegan Wangsness 17.129
13 61E Paegan Ellingson 17.203
14 22G Chase  Gronert 17.222
15 08F Haylee Flairty 17.24
16 3S Riley Smith 17.242
17 5S Parker Searles 17.413
18 10B Emily Billings 17.615
19 63R Jase Riedner 17.814
20 60G Chase Gottschalk 17.838
21 1L Lukas Lichtenwalner 17.841
22 62O Ace Oldenhoff 17.991
23 17L Mason Lenz 18.034
24 06B Parker Bodendorfer 18.111
25 02B Casie Brabant 18.193
26 11E Ethan Jensen 18.383
27 17R Ryder Robinson 18.446
28 11S Carter Stein 18.811
29 707 Hunter Graham 19.242
30 71T McKenna Turner 20.035
31 125 Kinsleigh Weber 20.179
32 22O Braxton Olds 20.385


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 11E Ethan Jensen
2 707 Hunter Graham
3 11S Carter Stein
4 22O Braxton Olds
5 17R Ryder Robinson
6 71T McKenna Turner
7 125 Kinsleigh Weber


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 06B Parker Bodendorfer
2 02B Casie Brabant
3 1L Lukas Lichtenwalner
4 63R Jase Riedner
5 17L Mason Lenz
6 62O Ace Oldenhoff
7 60G Chase Gottschalk


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 5S Parker Searles
2 08F Haylee Flairty
3 61E Paegan Ellingson
4 22G Chase  Gronert
5 10B Emily Billings
6 3S Riley Smith


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 29O Axel Oldenhoff
2 0 Lincoln Johnson
3 22T Bentley Thompson
4 7J Harley Johnson
5 11W Kaeden Wangsness
6 17W Teegan Wangsness


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 5C Lincoln Cain
2 7R Easton Riedner
3 5SA Penn Sauter
4 52L Avery Linnerud
5 8J Jayden Johnson
6 9M Collin Murphy



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 02B Casie Brabant
2 11S Carter Stein
3 17R Ryder Robinson
4 11E Ethan Jensen
5 707 Hunter Graham
6 22O Braxton Olds
7 71T McKenna Turner
8 125 Kinsleigh Weber


Last Chance

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 5S Parker Searles
2 1L Lukas Lichtenwalner
3 10B Emily Billings
4 06B Parker Bodendorfer
5 62O Ace Oldenhoff
6 22G Chase  Gronert
7 63R Jase Riedner
8 3S Riley Smith
9 60G Chase Gottschalk
10 02B Casie Brabant
11 08F Haylee Flairty
12 11S Carter Stein
13 17L Mason Lenz
14 61E Paegan Ellingson



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 8J Jayden Johnson
2 5C Lincoln Cain
3 5SA Penn Sauter
4 22T Bentley Thompson
5 11W Kaeden Wangsness
6 52L Avery Linnerud
7 0 Lincoln Johnson
8 29O Axel Oldenhoff
9 9M Collin Murphy
10 10B Emily Billings
11 17W Teegan Wangsness
12 06B Parker Bodendorfer
13 1L Lukas Lichtenwalner
14 7R Easton Riedner
15 7J Harley Johnson
16 5S Parker Searles




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