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CAMBRIDGE, WI (Saturday, July 9, 2022)               Jefferson’s Jason Erickson capitalized on a late race restart to charge ahead and secure the win in the Madison Home Furnishings 50 lap Late Model main event. The win marks Erickson’s third feature victory of the 2022 racing campaign.

Laney Osborne grabbed the early lead from the pole on lap one with Scott Patrick racing up to second on lap three. The leaders ran single file while Osborne tried to open up a comfortable lead. Lap 14 saw the first of several caution periods when Osborne spun to the infield in turn two. Patrick and Chris Chenoweth led the field back to green with Chenoweth now moving ahead to take over the top spot. Tyler Peterson followed in to second with Shaun Scheel trying to hold off Dale Nottestad for third. Nottestad slid past Scheel on lap 19, bringing Erickson along for fourth. The second yellow flag flew on lap 23, pitting Chenoweth and Peterson on the front row for the restart. Chenoweth returned to the lead after a brief battle with Peterson. Peterson remained close to the rear bumper of Chenoweth, and on lap 40 dove under the leader as they raced into turn one. After contact between the two competitors, Peterson moved ahead with Stephen Scheel now up to challenge for second. After another caution that led to Peterson and Stephen Scheel restarting out front, contact between Scheel and Dale Nottestad ended with Scheel spinning to force another yellow. Both drivers were forced to the rear on the restart with Peterson leading the field back to green ahead of Chenoweth and Erickson. As racing resumed, Chenoweth slipped under Peterson, inching ahead into the lead on lap 44. Erickson followed under Peterson and drew in behind Chenoweth. With four laps to go, Erickson began peeking under Chenoweth, drawing even on lap 48. A lap later, Erickson powered into control of the lead, holding it through the checkers to grab the win. Peterson nipped Chenoweth at the line for second with Dylan Schuyler and Shaun Scheel rounding out the top five.

In Sportsman action, it was Jordan Lamb of Fort Atkinson picked up the 30 lap feature win. Starting on the pole, Lamb took the lead on lap one with Jay Kalbus moving into second. After an early caution, Lamb and Kalbus paced the pack back to green with Lamb once again moving out front. On lap 13, Kurt Kleven charged up under Lamb, stealing the top spot for himself a lap later. Kleven maintained the lead through another caution until lap 18 when the yellow waved once again. While under caution, Kleven pulled off the racing surface, handing the lead back to Lamb with Jason Thoma a close second. Once racing resumed, Thoma sized up Lamb while the laps ticked away. With three laps to go, Thoma got under Lamb, looking to take away the lead. Lamb held Thoma at bay over the final laps to cross the stripe first for the win. Thoma settled for second followed by Bobby Selsing Jr, Kalbus and Christian Janssen.

Edgerton’s Mark English was awarded the 20 lap International feature event following post race inspection. Garrett Meister led lap one while the field jostled for position behind him. As they raced into turn three, James Bohling flew into the lead with Mark English following into second. Bohling quickly began to open up a big lead while English remained in second and Weston Strese moved up to third. The leaders ran single file throughout the remainder of the race with Bohling seeing the checkers first. Following post race technical inspection, Bohling was forced to vacate his finishing position. English was declared the winner with Strese, Jason Uttech, Tim Higgins and Meister completing the top five.

Chester Williams of Waukesha captured the 25 lap Hobby Stock feature on a close finish with Shane Strothman. Jessica Breunig and Strothman led the field to green with Breunig taking the initial lead. Strothman fell back into a battle for second with Matthew Thoma. Strothman eventually took the second spot back on lap 14 while Breunig held a large advantage out front. But a caution on lap 16 erased her lead, setting up a restart with Breunig and Strothman once again on the front row. As racing resumed, the duo ran wheel to wheel with Williams watching intently from third. On lap 20, Williams dove to the low side, entering into a three wide fight for first. Strothman emerged with the lead with Williams up to second. On lap 22, Williams charged to the high side, drawing even with Strothman. The duo flew past the white flag door to door. As they came to the checkers, it was Williams with the slight advantage to score the win with Strothman settling for second ahead of Jim Tate Jr, Robbie Rucks and Breunig.

In Bandit action, it was Ryan Oetzel of Brodhead hanging to win the 20 lap feature event. Gaven Smother and Oetzel paced the field to green with Smothers taking the lead on lap one. Oetzel charged back up alongside Smothers on lap three, taking over the top spot a lap later. The sole caution of the race flew on lap five, pitting Oetzel and Zach Barnes. Oetzel reclaimed the lead on the restart while Nick Schmidt took to the high to power into the top three. Schmidt continued in the outside lane, pulling up next to Oetzel as the laps ticked away. But Oetzel held him at bay over the final circuits to secure the win with Schmidt in second. Matt Krinke, Trent Reuth and Barnes rounded out the top five.

The Six Shooters made their debut at Jefferson Speedway on Saturday night with Matt Moore picking up the 20 lap feature win. Ken Morris led lap one with Tim Ellis up to second on lap four. After a caution, Ellis moved past Morris for the top spot while Moore followed into second. Moore closed in behind the new leader, searching for a lane to get by. On lap 11, Moore got alongside Ellis as they pair raced side by side for the lead. Moore continued to inch ahead, finally clearing on lap 16. Moore maintained the lead through a final yellow flag to secure the win. Ellis was second followed by Rick Buss, Steven Mueller and Tommy Bleecker.

Next Saturday, July 16, is a full program of racing with time trials at 4pm and racing at 7pm. Jefferson Speedway is located halfway between Jefferson and Cambridge on Hwy 18. Please visit for more information.





Late Model-


Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 94E Jason Erickson 14.354
2 2N Dale Nottestad 14.434
3 4SC Stephan Scheel 14.443
4 97C Chris Chenoweth 14.453
5 9K Paul Kisow 14.462
6 16P Tyler Petersen 14.566
7 12W Ryan Weyer 14.569
8 33S Dylan Schuyler 14.574
9 3O Laney Osborne 14.66
10 8S Shaun Scheel 14.687
11 97S Kyle Smth 14.703
12 18L Ryan Laatsch 14.768
13 17R Noel Ramge 14.795
14 40P Scott Patrick 14.82
15 47M David Malisch 14.866
16 21H Cody Houseweart 14.938
17 17B Bill Bush 14.956
18 58S Joseph Scholze 14.972
19 61E Jerry Eckhardt 14.989
20 15G Logan Graham 15.078
21 1R Robert Retallick 15.28
22 13S Terry Sauer 15.372
23 70S Alan Shierling Jr 15.513


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 47M David Malisch
2 21H Cody Houseweart
3 58S Joseph Scholze
4 61E Jerry Eckhardt
5 70S Alan Shierling Jr
6 13S Terry Sauer
7 17B Bill Bush
8 15G Logan Graham
9 1R Robert Retallick


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 2N Dale Nottestad
2 16P Tyler Petersen
3 8S Shaun Scheel
4 97C Chris Chenoweth
5 33S Dylan Schuyler
6 40P Scott Patrick
7 18L Ryan Laatsch


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 94E Jason Erickson
2 3O Laney Osborne
3 12W Ryan Weyer
4 17R Noel Ramge
5 9K Paul Kisow
6 97S Kyle Smth
7 4SC Stephan Scheel


Last Chance

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 47M David Malisch
2 61E Jerry Eckhardt
3 21H Cody Houseweart
4 58S Joseph Scholze
5 15G Logan Graham
6 13S Terry Sauer
7 70S Alan Shierling Jr
DQ 17B Bill Bush



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 94E Jason Erickson
2 16P Tyler Petersen
3 97C Chris Chenoweth
4 33S Dylan Schuyler
5 8S Shaun Scheel
6 17R Noel Ramge
7 40P Scott Patrick
8 4SC Stephan Scheel
9 2N Dale Nottestad
10 18L Ryan Laatsch
11 47M David Malisch
12 61E Jerry Eckhardt
13 58S Joseph Scholze
14 21H Cody Houseweart
15 97S Kyle Smth
16 3O Laney Osborne
17 9K Paul Kisow
18 12W Ryan Weyer





Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 42S Bobby  Selsing 14.907
2 91C Tim Coley 14.921
3 6T Jason Thoma 14.987
4 22J Chris Jones 15.049
5 51K Kurtis Kleven 15.103
6 43J Christian Jansen 15.111
7 2D Tyler Deporter 15.118
8 90H Titus Helgestad 15.125
9 27K Jay Kalbus 15.131
10 24T Collin Tomlinson 15.171
11 20V Jared Vike 15.275
12 41L Jordan Lamb 15.307
13 98B Mike Bleecker 15.328
14 34B Jake Biever 15.33
15 86C Tony Ciano 15.345
16 94H Craig Henning 15.353
17 32W Jeremy Wolff 15.375
18 80H Cris Harmon 15.384
19 55J Paul Johnson Jr 15.454
20 68O Ken Olson 15.824
21 74W Michael Weissmann 16.628


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 68O Ken Olson
2 80H Cris Harmon
3 32W Jeremy Wolff
4 55J Paul Johnson Jr
5 94H Craig Henning
6 86C Tony Ciano


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 41L Jordan Lamb
2 90H Titus Helgestad
3 43J Christian Jansen
4 22J Chris Jones
5 24T Collin Tomlinson
6 34B Jake Biever
7 91C Tim Coley


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 27K Jay Kalbus
2 6T Jason Thoma
3 42S Bobby  Selsing
4 20V Jared Vike
5 51K Kurtis Kleven
6 98B Mike Bleecker
7 2D Tyler Deporter



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 41L Jordan Lamb
2 6T Jason Thoma
3 42S Bobby  Selsing
4 27K Jay Kalbus
5 43J Christian Jansen
6 22J Chris Jones
7 20V Jared Vike
8 80H Cris Harmon
9 2D Tyler Deporter
10 32W Jeremy Wolff
11 86C Tony Ciano
12 55J Paul Johnson Jr
13 68O Ken Olson
14 24T Collin Tomlinson
15 98B Mike Bleecker
16 51K Kurtis Kleven
17 34B Jake Biever
18 90H Titus Helgestad
19 91C Tim Coley
20 94H Craig Henning





Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 57E Mark English 15.643
2 36U Jason  Uttech 15.667
3 6D Mark Dewey 15.712
4 11S Weston Strese 15.765
5 16B James Bohling 15.933
6 0B Keith Bell 16.175
7 21E Tyler Edmundson 16.349
8 51B Jay Bergin 16.58
9 2R Jim Ronspiez 16.895
10 54P Bob Peters 16.987
11 21M Garrett Meister 17.212
12 77H Timothy Higgins 17.561


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 77H Timothy Higgins
2 21E Tyler Edmundson
3 2R Jim Ronspiez
4 54P Bob Peters
5 51B Jay Bergin
6 21M Garrett Meister


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 57E Mark English
2 16B James Bohling
3 11S Weston Strese
4 36U Jason  Uttech
5 0B Keith Bell
6 6D Mark Dewey



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 57E Mark English
2 11S Weston Strese
3 36U Jason  Uttech
4 77H Timothy Higgins
5 21E Tyler Edmundson
6 2R Jim Ronspiez
7 0B Keith Bell
8 54P Bob Peters
9 21M Garrett Meister
10 6D Mark Dewey
11 51B Jay Bergin
DQ 16B James Bohling



Hobby Stock-


Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 5R Robbie Rucks 15.641
2 33R Jimmy  Robinson 15.681
3 23B Nick Bruley 15.73
4 4D Bud Riedner 15.731
5 114 Chris Flairty 15.754
6 27T Jim Tate  Jr 15.758
7 2W Chester Williams 15.775
8 05B Tucker Bodendorfer 15.854
9 52R Shane Radtke Jr 15.893
10 16S Shane Strothman 15.906
11 22B Korey Bengsch 15.918
12 23JB Jessica Breunig 15.941
13 23E Jordan Egli 16.024
14 9T Matthew  Thoma 16.038
15 52D Steve Dobbratz 16.047
16 26R Chico Riedner 16.051
17 88O Nick Oxborough 16.088
18 19M Andy Moore 16.104
19 22E Chuck Egli 16.134
20 8W Chase Wangsness 16.147
21 67N RJ Nicholson 16.236
22 71T Jamie Tate 16.284
23 24E Dalton Egli 16.301
24 7W Jim Wolf 16.354
25 18J Brandon Johnson 16.587
26 91E Dylan Eagen 17.127
27 9Z Kevin  Zimmerman 17.454


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 18J Brandon Johnson
2 7W Jim Wolf
3 71T Jamie Tate
4 8W Chase Wangsness
5 24E Dalton Egli
6 22E Chuck Egli
7 91E Dylan Eagen
8 67N RJ Nicholson
9 9Z Kevin  Zimmerman


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 19M Andy Moore
2 27T Jim Tate  Jr
3 26R Chico Riedner
4 33R Jimmy  Robinson
5 9T Matthew  Thoma
6 16S Shane Strothman
7 23JB Jessica Breunig
8 05B Tucker Bodendorfer
9 4D Bud Riedner


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 22B Korey Bengsch
2 23E Jordan Egli
3 52R Shane Radtke Jr
4 52D Steve Dobbratz
5 114 Chris Flairty
6 2W Chester Williams
7 23B Nick Bruley
8 5R Robbie Rucks
9 88O Nick Oxborough


Last Chance

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 22E Chuck Egli
2 26R Chico Riedner
3 67N RJ Nicholson
4 19M Andy Moore
5 18J Brandon Johnson
6 88O Nick Oxborough
7 8W Chase Wangsness
8 7W Jim Wolf
9 52D Steve Dobbratz
10 24E Dalton Egli
11 71T Jamie Tate
12 91E Dylan Eagen
13 9Z Kevin  Zimmerman



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 2W Chester Williams
2 16S Shane Strothman
3 27T Jim Tate  Jr
4 5R Robbie Rucks
5 23JB Jessica Breunig
6 23B Nick Bruley
7 22B Korey Bengsch
8 114 Chris Flairty
9 52R Shane Radtke Jr
10 33R Jimmy  Robinson
11 9T Matthew  Thoma
12 22E Chuck Egli
13 23E Jordan Egli
14 26R Chico Riedner
15 05B Tucker Bodendorfer
16 67N RJ Nicholson
17 4D Bud Riedner
18 19M Andy Moore





Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 09X Nick Schmidt 14.223
2 15P Carson Phillips 14.37
3 64R Trent  Rueth 14.452
4 24W Tyler White 14.561
5 61B Zach Barnes 14.591
6 29K Matt Krinke 14.658
7 109W Mason Wilcott 14.665
8 133R Waylon Robinson 14.752
9 5O Ryan Oetzel 14.768
10 18S Gavin Smothers 14.836
11 41N Nick Newton 14.844
12 27J James Junget 14.848
13 81P Landon Peterson 14.856
14 17B Austin Barnes 14.874
15 62D Ethan Degner 14.945
16 00J Scott Johnson 14.986
17 62A TJ Adams 15.021
18 50P John Petitt 15.057
19 48J Roland Jerome 15.192
20 64B Cooper  Bodendorfer 15.194
21 44N Brant  Nicholson 15.234
22 23B Blake Nottestad 15.243
23 65H Tyler Hibner 15.306
24 32C Chris Cowan 15.336
25 72R Rianne Remsik 15.549
26 2W Matt Weber 15.611
27 89K Josh Kienbaum 15.657
28 45W Jeremy Whitman 15.861
29 44K Jeremy Kirnberger 15.974
30 31W Michael Williams 16.848
31 9B Brian Brewster 20.464


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 45W Jeremy Whitman
2 72R Rianne Remsik
3 65H Tyler Hibner
4 89K Josh Kienbaum
5 31W Michael Williams
6 9B Brian Brewster
DQ 2W Matt Weber


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 44N Brant  Nicholson
2 62D Ethan Degner
3 62A TJ Adams
4 50P John Petitt
5 23B Blake Nottestad
6 00J Scott Johnson
7 64B Cooper  Bodendorfer
8 48J Roland Jerome


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 17B Austin Barnes
2 18S Gavin Smothers
3 29K Matt Krinke
4 15P Carson Phillips
5 24W Tyler White
6 133R Waylon Robinson
7 27J James Junget


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 41N Nick Newton
2 64R Trent  Rueth
3 109W Mason Wilcott
4 09X Nick Schmidt
5 81P Landon Peterson
6 61B Zach Barnes
7 5O Ryan Oetzel



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 44K Jeremy Kirnberger
2 2W Matt Weber
3 45W Jeremy Whitman
4 89K Josh Kienbaum
5 31W Michael Williams
6 72R Rianne Remsik
7 9B Brian Brewster


Last Chance

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 65H Tyler Hibner
2 62A TJ Adams
3 32C Chris Cowan
4 00J Scott Johnson
5 50P John Petitt
6 62D Ethan Degner
7 48J Roland Jerome
8 2W Matt Weber
9 44N Brant  Nicholson
10 44K Jeremy Kirnberger



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 5O Ryan Oetzel
2 09X Nick Schmidt
3 29K Matt Krinke
4 64R Trent  Rueth
5 61B Zach Barnes
6 24W Tyler White
7 18S Gavin Smothers
8 109W Mason Wilcott
9 41N Nick Newton
10 81P Landon Peterson
11 27J James Junget
12 133R Waylon Robinson
13 62A TJ Adams
14 17B Austin Barnes
15 32C Chris Cowan
16 15P Carson Phillips
17 00J Scott Johnson
18 65H Tyler Hibner


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