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CAMBRIDGE, WI (Saturday, September 17, 2022)              The culmination of two days packed with racing excitement at Wisconsin’s Action Track was highlighted by twin features in six different divisions. Twin 50 lap Late Model main events presented by Brown Heating and Air Conditioning led the way. Dale Nottestad of Cambridge entered the evening with a leg up on the competition after claiming the 50 lap event the night before. But it was Jefferson’s Jason Erickson who stood tall when the dust settled, picking up his fourth career Wisconsin State Championship, including two in a row.

Michael Grueneberg and Chris Chenoweth paced the first feature as 23 drivers took the green flag. Chenoweth grabbed the early lead with Grueneberg back to second and Ryan Goldade third. Erickson began his trek to the front, taking to the outside to pick up the fourth position before a caution waved on lap six. As racing resumed, Chenoweth moved back out front with Goldade up to challenge Grueneberg for second. Goldade made the pass on lap nine, bringing Erickson along for third. Erickson continued forward, drawing even with Goldade on lap 12. A lap later, Erickson was clear in second and looking ahead to Chenoweth. Erickson ran down the leader, diving under Chenoweth on lap 20 and motoring into the lead as they raced off turn four. The second yellow flag of the race flew on lap 24 for a melee in turns three and four. Erickson fired back into the lead on the restart and drove away from the pack to score the feature win. Dale Nottestad made it up to second with Goldade, Chenoweth and Grueneberg rounding out the top five.

Stephen Scheel and Luke Westenberg brought feature number two to green as they battled for the early lead. Westenberg moved ahead on lap six with Scheel dropping in behind him. Don Gaserude was third while Dale Nottestad entered fourth on lap 11. On lap 13, Scheel returned alongside Westenberg, taking the inside groove on the leader. Two laps later, Scheel moved out front alone just as Erickson entered the top five. The leaders ran nose to tail for several laps while Scheel continued to show the way. On lap 34, Erickson slipped under Nottestad, stealing fourth two laps later. Westenberg launched one more bid to get back to the lead on lap 37, just as Erickson began to challenge Gaserude for third. Erickson completed the pass on lap 38, needed to get at least one more position to score the overall title. Scheel recleared for the lead with nine laps remaining as Erickson drew in behind Westenberg for second. With four laps to go, Erickson took to the high side of Westenberg, scoring the position. Erickson wanted one more spot to sweep the evening’s features, but Scheel held off his advances in the closing laps to secure the victory. Erickson was second ahead of Westenberg, Gaserude and Nottestad. After three features, Erickson and Nottestad were tied for the overall championship. By laying down the quickest lap in qualifying, Erickson won the tiebreaker to wear the crown as overall winner of the 42nd annual event.

Twin 35 lap Sportsman features began with Tytus Helgestad and Jason Thoma battling for the lead. Helgestad eventually gained the lead on lap six after clearing Thoma exiting turn two. Kurt Kleven moved up to challenge for second, picking up the position on lap seven. Kleven continued to move forward, drawing even with Helgestad on lap eight. After a brief battle, Kleven moved out front alone on lap ten with Mark Deporter up to fight Helgestad for second. Deporter cleared for the runner up position on lap 16, but Kleven was already solidly out front and cruising to the checkers for the win. Mark Deporter finished second ahead of Helgestad, Tyler Deporter and Thoma.

Feature number two began with Jay Kalbus and Dave Trute on the front row. The duo fought for the lead for several laps until Trute gained the advantage to take sole possession of the lead on lap ten. Kalbus dropped back into a battle for second with Bobby Selsing Jr while Trute tried to pull away. Selsing cleared for second on lap 12 with Robert Hansberry trying to follow. Hansberry gained the third position on lap 14 while Trute continued to show the way. The leaders raced single file for several laps until Tim Coley moved up to challenge Hansberry for third. But Trute stayed strong on the point, leading the rest of the caution free event and claiming the win. Selsing was second followed by Coley, Hansberry and Chris Jones. Robert Hansberry Jr of Beloit combined his Friday night win with two solid finishes on Saturday to score the overall title in the Sportsman division.

Twin 20 lap International features kicked off with Jason Uttech taking the early lead in feature number one. Weston Strese and Devon Dixon took to the high side as they quickly made their way toward the front of the field. Strese moved into second on lap six with Dixon on his heels for third. Strese dove under the leader, Uttech, on lap nine while Dixon watched intently from third. A lap later, lapped traffic allowed Dixon to get to the outside of Strese as Uttech returned to the lead. Dixon got by Strese and continued forward alongside Uttech. Dixon cleared for the lead on lap 14 with Strese following up to second. Dixon remained in control for the final five laps to secure the win with Strese in second. Mark Dewey moved up to finish third followed by Uttech and Shawn Bowar.

After Phil Malouf took the early lead in the second International feature, Jeremy Watson moved up to challenge from second. After an early caution on lap four, Malouf returned to the lead as Bower charged up to second. Bowar moved up behind the leader, bringing Strese along as well. On lap six, Bowar slipped by Malouf with Strese in his tracks for second. On lap nine, Strese drove to the high side of Bowar, taking away the top spot and immediately began to pull away from the pack. Strese cruised from there to grab the feature win with Bowar, Mark English, Uttech and Watson rounding out the top five. Strese used the win to claim the overall International state championship.

Andy Moore grabbed the early lead in the first of two 25 lap Hobby Stock features. Mathew Thoma moved up to second on lap four with Scott Riedner close behind in third. Thoma briefly challenged Moore at the front on lap nine, but Moore held him off to regain the lead a lap later. On lap 17, Thoma tried to use the high side once again, allowing Riedner to slip underneath and grab the second position. Riedner raced up behind Moore as he searched for lane to the front. A caution with two laps to go slowed the pace, pitting Moore and Riedner on the front row for the restart. The raced wheel to wheel over the final two circuits as Riedner gained momentum on the final lap. As they flew past the checkers, it was Riedner with the advantage to score the win. Moore settled for second ahead of Thoma, Brandon Riedner and Kody Hubred.

Nick Bruley took the lead on lap one of the second Hobby Stock event. After a caution on lap two. Bruley moved back into control with Charles Vian back to second. Brandon Riedner got by Steve Dobbratz for third on lap six and continued forward alongside Vian for second. Riedner grabbed the position on lap 14 as he drew in behind Bruley. On lap 19, Riedner dove under Bruley as they raced into turn one. After a three lap fight, Riedner took over the lead through turns one and two as Bruley dropped back to second. Riedner held on from there to win the second feature. Robbie Rucks slipped by Bruley in the closing laps to finish second. Vian was fourth with Thoma in fifth. Brandon Riedner was named the overall Hobby Stock state champion thanks in part to his feature win.

Adam Hansen took the lead in the first of two 25 lap Legend features after passing Shawn Gunsolus on lap three. Jacob Tiegan charged toward the front, getting to second behind Hansen on lap five. Tiegan continued forward, drawing even with Hansen and passing for the lead on lap six. Meanwhile, Dillon Schwanbeck was also making his way toward the front, getting to third by lap nine. A lap later, Schwanbeck slipped by Hansen for second as he looked to close the gap on Tiegan out front. But Tiegan stayed strong in the caution free event, crossing the stripe first for the win ahead of Schwanbeck. Ben Massman, Robby Morrison and Adam Powers.

Jesse Bernhagen took the lead in the second feature while Schwanbeck was quickly making his way to the front. Schwanbeck got to second on lap five with Tiegan trying to stick close as well. On lap nine, Schwanbeck drove to the low side of Bernhagen, trying to lead. At the same time, Tiegan went high, driving by both of them to grab the lead. Schwanbeck cleared for second on lap 12 and drove up behind Tiegan. Two pair of competitors launched an intense battle for the lead, each knowing they needed to beat the other to secure the overall title. Tiegan and Schwanbeck swapped paint several times as they also swapped the lead until Schwanbeck moved out front on lap 15. Tiegan spent the final ten circuits trying everything he could to get back alongside Schwanbeck. But he was unable to get it done, as Schwanbeck flew past the checkers first for the win with Tiegan settling for second. Ben Massman was third ahead of Robby Morrison and Bernhargen. Schwanbeck captured the overall title with his feature win, marking his third straight championship in the event.

Rounding out the night’s events were twin 15 lap Bandolero features. Parker Searles led feature number one early on with Easton Riedner up to second on lap two. Riedner slipped by Searles on lap four while Lincoln Cain drove up to second right behind the new leader. After a caution on lap seven, Cain charged by Riedner to grab the lead just before rain drops paused the action on lap 11. Cain hung on to grab the win in the first feature with Cohen Henze up to finish second ahead of Jayden Johnson, Penn Sauter and Riedner.

Cain rocketed to the front of the second feature as they completed the opening lap. Jayden Johnson followed up to second as the top two drivers broke away from the pack. Johnson stuck close behind Cain, peeking low on several occasions as he tried to draw even. But Johnson couldn’t make the move stick as Cain was able to fend him off each time. Contact with lapped traffic on the final lap resulted in Johnson stalling out just before the finish line while Cain drove away to score the win. Bentley Thompson was second followed by Chase Gronert, Paegan Ellingson and Ace Oldenhoff. With his two feature wins, Lincoln Cain of Slinger was crowned the overall Bandolero champion.



Late Model-

Last Chance

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 52R Shane Radtke Jr
2 17B Bill Bush
3 66S James Storey
4 21H Cody Houseweart
5 61E Jerry Eckhardt
6 90G Michael Guderski
7 58S Joseph Scholze
8 41T Mike Taylor
9 70S Alan Shierling Jr


Feature #1

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 94E Jason Erickson
2 2N Dale Nottestad
3 39G Ryan Goldade
4 97C Chris Chenoweth
5 1G Michael Gruenberg
6 7L Jackson Lewis
7 81G Don Gaserude
8 16W Luke Westenberg
9 4S Stephan Scheel
10 8S Shaun Scheel
11 33S Dylan Schuyler
12 13S Steven Sauer
13 97S Kyle Smth
14 66S James Storey
15 31S Johnny Sauter
16 21H Cody Houseweart
17 12W Ryan Weyer
18 1T Josh Thiering
19 90G Michael Guderski
20 28B Jesse Bernhagen
21 52R Shane Radtke Jr
22 61E Jerry Eckhardt
23 17B Bill Bush


Feature #2

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 4S Stephan Scheel
2 94E Jason Erickson
3 16W Luke Westenberg
4 81G Don Gaserude
5 2N Dale Nottestad
6 8S Shaun Scheel
7 7L Jackson Lewis
8 39G Ryan Goldade
9 33S Dylan Schuyler
10 13S Steven Sauer
11 1G Michael Gruenberg
12 97S Kyle Smth
13 31S Johnny Sauter
14 28B Jesse Bernhagen
15 12W Ryan Weyer
16 66S James Storey
17 21H Cody Houseweart
18 17B Bill Bush
19 61E Jerry Eckhardt
20 1T Josh Thiering
21 90G Michael Guderski
22 97C Chris Chenoweth




Last Chance

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 71F Patrick Featherston II
2 43J Christian Jansen
3 4T Jim Taylor
4 35B Brock Behnke
5 86C Tony Ciano
6 74W Dale Warner
7 9J Brandon Johnson
8 02W Justin Wagner


Feature #1

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 51K Kurtis Kleven
2 28D Mark Deporter
3 90H Tytus Helgestad
4 2D Tyler Deporter
5 6T Jason Thoma
6 97W Chris Weber
7 91C Tim Coley
8 22J Chris Jones
9 7H Robert Hansberry Jr.
10 42S Bobby  Selsing
11 2T Dave Trute
12 27K Jay Kalbus
13 43J Christian Jansen
14 20V Jared Vike
15 25H Dan Harris
16 119 Bradon DeLacy
17 71F Patrick Featherston II
18 98B Mike Bleecker
19 4T Jim Taylor
20 55J Paul Johnson Jr
21 35B Brock Behnke
22 34B Jake Biever


Feature #2

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 2T Dave Trute
2 42S Bobby  Selsing
3 91C Tim Coley
4 7H Robert Hansberry Jr.
5 22J Chris Jones
6 27K Jay Kalbus
7 6T Jason Thoma
8 90H Tytus Helgestad
9 97W Chris Weber
10 43J Christian Jansen
11 28D Mark Deporter
12 51K Kurtis Kleven
13 2D Tyler Deporter
14 34B Jake Biever
15 119 Bradon DeLacy
16 71F Patrick Featherston II
17 4T Jim Taylor
18 98B Mike Bleecker
19 55J Paul Johnson Jr
20 25H Dan Harris
21 20V Jared Vike
22 35B Brock Behnke




Last Chance

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 9T Josh Tanguay
2 12P Caden Pankow
3 14A AJ Acardi
4 11J Brandon Junget
5 41N Nick Newton
6 56S Frederick Strasburg
7 64B Cooper Bodendorfer
8 61G Chris Gottschalk
9 10P Merek Pankow
10 96M Mike Mahurin


Feature #1

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 111 Devon Dixon
2 11S Weston Strese
3 6D Mark Dewey
4 36U Jason  Uttech
5 25B Shawn Bowar
6 57E Mark English
7 08H Stephen Hillary
8 16B James Bohling
9 77H Timothy Higgins
10 32M Phil Malouf
11 27J James Junget
12 14A AJ Acardi
13 12P Caden Pankow
14 54P Bob Peters
15 9T Josh Tanguay
16 41N Nick Newton
17 64B Cooper Bodendorfer
18 11J Brandon Junget
19 5S George Sparkman
20 56S Frederick Strasburg
21 90E Steve  Erickson
DQ 90W Jeremy Watson


Feature #2

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 11S Weston Strese
2 25B Shawn Bowar
3 57E Mark English
4 36U Jason  Uttech
5 90E Steve  Erickson
6 32M Phil Malouf
7 77H Timothy Higgins
8 16B James Bohling
9 9T Josh Tanguay
10 5S George Sparkman
11 6D Mark Dewey
12 5F Tim Finstad
13 14A AJ Acardi
14 12P Caden Pankow
15 41N Nick Newton
16 56S Frederick Strasburg
17 64B Cooper Bodendorfer
18 11J Brandon Junget
19 27J James Junget
20 08H Stephen Hillary
21 111 Devon Dixon
22 54P Bob Peters
DQ 90W Jeremy Watson



Hobby Stock-

Last Chance

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 52D Steve Dobbratz
2 23JB Jessica Breunig
3 71T Jamie Tate
4 22B Korey Bengsch
5 56M Chris Matz
6 23N Bryan Nalan Jr
7 99V John Vassh
8 91E Dylan Eagen
9 83D Jestin De Lap Sr
10 14R Andy Raley
11 24E Dalton Egli
12 58Z Kevin  Zimmerman


Feature #1

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 26R Chico Riedner
2 19M Andy Moore
3 9T Matthew  Thoma
4 4D Bud Riedner
5 2H Kody Hubred
6 114 Chris Flairty
7 5R Robbie Rucks
8 16S Shane Strothman
9 28V Charles Vian
10 05B Tucker Bodendorfer
11 23NB Nick Bruley
12 52D Steve Dobbratz
13 22E Chuck Egli
14 22W Chester Williams
15 8W Chase Wangsness
16 23JB Jessica Breunig
17 52R Shane Radtke Jr
18 27T Jim Tate  Jr
19 20G Jevin Guralski
20 34K Mike Krueger
21 71T Jamie Tate
22 22B Korey Bengsch


Feature #2

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 4D Bud Riedner
2 5R Robbie Rucks
3 23NB Nick Bruley
4 28V Charles Vian
5 9T Matthew  Thoma
6 26R Chico Riedner
7 19M Andy Moore
8 22W Chester Williams
9 52D Steve Dobbratz
10 05B Tucker Bodendorfer
11 34K Mike Krueger
12 8W Chase Wangsness
13 20G Jevin Guralski
14 52R Shane Radtke Jr
15 22E Chuck Egli
16 23JB Jessica Breunig
17 56M Chris Matz
18 16S Shane Strothman
19 99V John Vassh
20 114 Chris Flairty
21 2H Kody Hubred





Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 27S Dillon Schwanbeck 15.567
2 7T Jacob Tiegen 15.601
3 32M Robby Morrison 15.739
4 28P Adam Powers 15.87
5 7M Ben Massman 15.9
6 41B Jesse Bernhagen 15.974
7 2H Adam Hansen 16.001
8 57S Kenny Storkson 16.039
9 67H Brandon Hill 16.055
10 21E Tyler Edmundson 16.298
11 11K Jason Kubicz 16.375
12 111 Marianna Kubicz 16.406
13 3G Shawn Gunsolus 16.444
14 87K Alexander Kniewel 16.555
15 53G Paul Grechowiak 16.893


Feature #1

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 7T Jacob Tiegen
2 27S Dillon Schwanbeck
3 7M Ben Massman
4 32M Robby Morrison
5 28P Adam Powers
6 2H Adam Hansen
7 57S Kenny Storkson
8 67H Brandon Hill
9 41B Jesse Bernhagen
10 3G Shawn Gunsolus
11 111 Marianna Kubicz
12 21E Tyler Edmundson
13 53G Paul Grechowiak
14 87K Alexander Kniewel
15 11K Jason Kubicz


Feature #2

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 27S Dillon Schwanbeck
2 7T Jacob Tiegen
3 7M Ben Massman
4 32M Robby Morrison
5 41B Jesse Bernhagen
6 57S Kenny Storkson
7 28P Adam Powers
8 67H Brandon Hill
9 2H Adam Hansen
10 111 Marianna Kubicz
11 21E Tyler Edmundson
12 87K Alexander Kniewel
13 53G Paul Grechowiak





Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 5C Lincoln Cain 16.45
2 29O Axel Oldenhoff 16.545
3 88H Cohen Henze 16.593
4 8J Jayden Johnson 16.645
5 5SA Penn Sauter 16.684
6 7R Easton Riedner 16.738
7 11W Kaeden Wangsness 16.743
8 22T Bentley Thompson 16.757
9 7J Harley Johnson 16.759
10 5S Parker Searles 16.797
11 61E Paegan Ellingson 16.841
12 0 Lincoln Johnson 16.906
13 22G Chase  Gronert 16.965
14 62O Ace Oldenhoff 17
15 17W Teegan Wangsness 17.025
16 17L Mason Lenz 17.109
17 3S Riley Smith 17.19
18 06B Parker Bodendorfer 17.2
19 10B Emily Billings 17.217
20 114K Peyton Kubicz 17.402
21 02B Casie Brabant 17.517
22 17R Ryder Robinson 17.553
23 85K Cole Kurth 17.615
24 11S Carter Stein 17.688
25 15L Max Larson 17.72
26 71T McKenna Turner 17.724
27 24M Blake Michael 17.793
28 11E Ethan Jensen 17.815
29 5T Ransom Tate 18.061
30 60G Chase Gottschalk 18.203
31 125W Kinsleigh Weber 18.233
32 22O Braxton Olds 19.109


Qualifying Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 62O Ace Oldenhoff
2 11S Carter Stein
3 71T McKenna Turner
4 06B Parker Bodendorfer
5 114K Peyton Kubicz
6 125W Kinsleigh Weber
7 17R Ryder Robinson
8 17L Mason Lenz
9 24M Blake Michael
10 5T Ransom Tate


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 22G Chase  Gronert
2 17W Teegan Wangsness
3 10B Emily Billings
4 85K Cole Kurth
5 60G Chase Gottschalk
6 3S Riley Smith
7 22O Braxton Olds
8 02B Casie Brabant
9 11E Ethan Jensen
10 15L Max Larson


Last Chance Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 06B Parker Bodendorfer
2 17L Mason Lenz
3 11S Carter Stein
4 5T Ransom Tate
5 125W Kinsleigh Weber
6 17R Ryder Robinson
7 114K Peyton Kubicz
8 71T McKenna Turner


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 17W Teegan Wangsness
2 10B Emily Billings
3 3S Riley Smith
4 85K Cole Kurth
5 02B Casie Brabant
6 11E Ethan Jensen
7 22O Braxton Olds
8 60G Chase Gottschalk


Feature #1

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 5C Lincoln Cain
2 88H Cohen Henze
3 8J Jayden Johnson
4 5SA Penn Sauter
5 7R Easton Riedner
6 29O Axel Oldenhoff
7 5S Parker Searles
8 17W Teegan Wangsness
9 11W Kaeden Wangsness
10 22G Chase  Gronert
11 0 Lincoln Johnson
12 61E Paegan Ellingson
13 22T Bentley Thompson
14 10B Emily Billings
15 06B Parker Bodendorfer
16 7J Harley Johnson
17 17L Mason Lenz
18 62O Ace Oldenhoff


Feature #2

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 5C Lincoln Cain
2 22T Bentley Thompson
3 22G Chase  Gronert
4 61E Paegan Ellingson
5 62O Ace Oldenhoff
6 10B Emily Billings
7 17W Teegan Wangsness
8 5S Parker Searles
9 06B Parker Bodendorfer
10 8J Jayden Johnson
11 11W Kaeden Wangsness
12 7R Easton Riedner
13 88H Cohen Henze
14 5SA Penn Sauter
15 17L Mason Lenz
16 7J Harley Johnson
17 29O Axel Oldenhoff
18 0 Lincoln Johnson


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